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Hello Year 2,


This Art activity requires you to gather some resources from outdoors! You need to gather a variety of different leaves and make an observational drawing of the leaves. They should be all different sizes on your sheet. You may be able to find some blossom on the trees as well as different colour leaves, for example green, brown, orange or red leaves.


Make sure you pay attention to the top and the bottom of the leaves as well as the detail on the leaves. What patterns can you see? Are there straight lines on the leaves or do they bend and turn depending on the shape of the leave?


If you cannot find any outside, you could research some on the internet or have a look at some that have been attached on the link below. You should keep in mind that leaves change in colour and size depending on the season, for example in Autumn a lot of leaves are normally yellow,orange and red.


You need to draw the leaves on a piece of A4 paper or scrap paper, if you do not have any paper than you can do this in the back of your Learning Journal.


Have fun, off you go :) !

Different Types Of Leaves