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Hello Children and Parents, 


We know how exciting Art is and even more when we learn about different artists and follow their style of work


Over the last 2 weeks, you have looked at the work of a brilliant artist, Roy Lichtenstein. You have read his biography to know who he is and why he is a famous artist. I am sure you all know by now what Pop Art is and have tried using one of his amazing skill,  Ben-day dots, to create your own artwork. 


Now, we are going to dive more into his work and create an artwork using ONOMATOPOEIA words. Yes, and we believe you know what this word means because we've used them a lot in our conversations and learning! 


Roy Lichtenstein used onomatopoeia words in his artwork, especially in comic books such as Spiderman, Mickey Mouse and wonder woman to make his words come to life.      


Your task this week is to create your own Onomatopoeia Pop Art. Use the PowerPoint below as a guide, by following it step-by-step to create your own masterpiece


Be as imaginative and creative as you can and as you work through, think about how you will make your word come to life.  


Have fun! 








POP ART-Roy Litchenstein