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Alawo ewe - Ms Obeng-Yeboah & Mrs Blankson

Welcome to 4 Alawo-Ewe


Good day, Alawo-Ewe class. We’d like to introduce ourselves as your new class teachers from September. You will be having two teachers, Ms Obeng-Yeboah and Mrs V Blankson.


We are really proud to be your teachers and looking forward to work with you. We therefore expect you to be very dedicated to your learning and also willing to participate in all aspects of school life.


It has been a challenging year and we congratulate all of you for your resilience and efforts that you have displayed. We very much appreciate it and believe that you will continue with it when we return to school in September.


We will ensure that we provide you with the best education and life skills. To be able to achieve your goals, we will require your full co-operation.


We will be having a range of fun activities so we would like you to attend school regularly to avoid you missing out the interesting learning that will be taking place.


We expect you to remain positive, kind, brave, resilient and respectful. We can assure you that, it is going to be a year of success, achievements and fun.


We will also encourage you to revise your times table, via TTrockstar's regularly. In addition to that, learn to read, spell and use the year 3/4 spelling words. You may use them in sentences and remember to include all the writing elements that you have been taught in year 3. It’s also important to read daily to develop your vocabulary and comprehension skills.


Once again, “well done” for your hard work throughout the year. Enjoy the holidays, have fun and remember to stay safe.


Thank you very much,