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Good Afternoon Year 2!!!

This is Mrs. Vora, again……..smiley


How was your day today? How did you find today’s learning? What did you enjoy the most? I loved looking at some of the science prediction activities. Here is how one of the children in Casaan class did his prediction activity.


Remember, your teachers are still looking forward to seeing the fantastic posters that you have made today.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I can’t stress enough how important it is to log onto Bug Club and read every day. Make sure you visit TT Rockstar and keep practicing your times tables. You can challenge any of your friends. If you are talking to your friends on the phone, remind them about reading and their times tables.


Who is looking forward to watching the Premier League soon? I can’t wait! I am more interested in the relegation battle this year. Hahaha!!  I hope you all have a good evening. Look after yourself and your family members.


Missing you all very much.

Hope to see you all soon

Lots of love

Mrs. Vora xxx heartheart




Good Morning Year 2!!! smiley


How are you all on this Tuesday morning? I hope you and your family members are safe and healthy. I must say that I am so proud to see how nicely most of us have adapted to online learning. I am happy to see more and more children using the Seesaw app and uploading their work on a daily basis. Continue to follow the school time table and complete all the work that your teachers are setting up for you. Continue posting your work and your pictures of it on Seesaw. I am sure your teachers are looking forward to seeing your great work. Many children from Casaan class are leaving voice recorded messages and pictures along with their work on the Seesaw and I am so happy to see them and to hear their voices.


You have a day full of exciting learning activities today. You will notice that today, PSHE is part of your time table.  In today’s PSHE lesson, we are going to look at the things that make us all very unique and very different from each other. While listening to the news on Newsround and you might be aware of lots of things are happening around the world. I am sure of this because our children at Gascoigne are very informed!!!yes So, to help you understand about our differences and celebrate and respect our differences, all the teachers have put a PowerPoint together. We want you to look at that PowerPoint, read and understand that; and create your own poster. Some of the teachers have done some posters for you to see as examples.


We are very fortunate because at Gascoigne we have children and teachers who come from almost every corner of the world and that’s a great thing about our school community. We like and respect each other and all of us make our school a better place together.


Remember, you need to keep active in order to be fit. Keep on exercising and drinking plenty of water. Keep washing your hands and following social distancing rules.  


Did I say earlier that you have exciting learning activities lined up today? Then I don’t want to keep you away from it. Good luck and enjoy today’s learning activities. Make sure, you do your work with your best handwriting and you check your work before uploading it.  I’ll speak to you all again in the afternoon.


Lots of love

Mrs. Vora xxx heartheart