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Good afternoon Year 2!! smiley


It’s me again. How did you find today’s learning? Many children from Casaan Class enjoyed working out equivalent fractions today. What did you like the most? Do you have any plan for this evening? Some children have been very creative and thinking of various ways to spend their evening productively. They have been having fun, keeping fit, helping their parents and leaning new skills along with their home learning. Here are some photos…… you might want to try some of these yourself.


Don’t forget to log into Bug club and read. You can even attempt to do some quizzes.  Winner will be announced every Friday. Some children from my class are practising their times tables on TT Rockstar and they report that it’s helping them with quick recall. Why don’t you try doing the same? Remember, it’s the efforts that count more than the result. Give your best, use your neatest handwriting, check your work and edit it if you need to before taking a picture and uploading it on the Seesaw.

I hope you have good rest of the evening.

Take care

Lots of heart

Mrs. Vora.xxxx


Good morning Year 2!! smiley


How are you all on this Wednesday morning? Are you ready to start a fun filled day? Have you done today’s working out? Remember it’s vital to be physically active every single day to keep fit. Lot of my children from Casaan class are sending photos and videos of themselves cycling, playing in the park and also doing some really tough working out……!!! yes


You know children, every coin has two sides and we, as human being are so much used to or programmed to look at the positive side. We have been taught that by our parents and teachers and I guess we are doing a good job in partnership with your parents when it comes to looking at the positive side of everything. And so, even in this period of lockdown and extended school closure, if we think about it, there are some positives that we can see. 


I know that we can not see each other everyday and that we are not in schools and our routines are slightly different but the positive side to this is that we are still moving our learning forward. We have all learnt how to engage into distant learning. We share our experiences and photos and we kind of know each other more, don’t you think so? In normal circumstances, we would not have witnessed Miss Shermin’s recipe where, she accidentally switches sugar and salt. wink We would not have seen a walking dinosaur that visits Miss Boyce’s street. surprise I would not have known that Miss Shermin used to improvise a bucket as her paddling pool when she was a little girl or I would not have known that Miss Connelly looks so much like her mum if I had not seen those photos on the poster she created. cool  We would not have seen photos and videos of children celebrating their birthdays, helping their parents, playing in the park and  doing intense working out. I guess all the credit goes to our dear Seesaw for that. So, keep those photos and videos coming. We absolutely love looking at them.


In today’s reading lesson, you are going to be answering some SATs style questions and you lot are now so good at it that I don’t need to tell you anything.


In writing you are going to be writing the beginning of a short story. Don’t’ forget to look at the PowerPoint before do start writing it.


Today’s Art lesson is something I can not wait to explore. You are going to combine your Art and Science lessons and you are going to use a range of materials creatively to design and make products. Did I say combine Art and Science? cheeky I find both of those lessons really fun and combining them means it will be double the fun!!! Don’t forget your teachers will be looking forward to your creations on Seesaw.


In Maths, you are looking at equivalent fractions. Remember, if you find anything tricky, click on the tricky icon. When we were doing our Mock tests, in Casaan class, we found this particular topic a bit tricky. So, here is your chance to look at the whole topic of equivalent fractions again.



As you can already see that the day is full of fun and learning, I will not take up any more of your time and I will let you get on with your learning. Remember, LET THOSE SEESAWS FLOOD WITH YOUR WORK AND PHOTOS. I will speak to you again in the afternoon.


Happy learning.

Lots of love heartheartheartheart

Mrs Vora xxxx