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Hello everyone!!! It's Mrs Ali here! How are you? I have heard from so many children in my class. I am so pleased to hear that you are well and doing your learning at home. Remember to keep uploading your learning on SeeSaw everyday. How do you and your family feeling about the lock down easing? Some children are required to go back to school now but many children are still at home so we must continue with our home learning so we don't fall behind when we come back to school.


Today you will start with some PE. You must do some physical activity everyday to keep yourself fit and healthy. Then you have a reading task about coastlines, following a writing task about planning your own leaflet about Southend-on-Sea. I know most of you have visited Southend-on-Sea in year 1 so this will an exciting task for you. In SPAG you will be learning about nouns, adjectives and verbs. These tasks are so important to help you become a good writer. For maths you will be doing some reasoning questions about addition. Science is still about sink and float and to finish off your day you have some handwriting to do. 


I hope you have a lovely day! I will speak to you later on. laugh

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you have had a good day and enjoyed your learning. How did you all get on today? Did you read the second half of ‘Coasts’? I’m sure you have learnt so may more facts about coasts. Did you use all the reading strategies you learnt at school? Did you manage to summarise the key points of the text. Remember this will help you answer the comprehension questions tomorrow. Did you enjoy researching Southend-on-Sea? It all makes me want to go to the beach and make sandcastles. How did your planning go? Did you use all the information? I’m sure you’ve done a great job. You need to have done this accurately to help you create your amazing information leaflet. For SPAG many of you have sent over great sentences using nouns, adjectives and verbs.


In Maths today you practised reasoning skills. Did you manage to answer all the questions using the cubes method? Did you like the warm up starter questions? Sorting the statements was a little tricky as it required you to work the answer then sort the statements.


For science what objects did you choose? How did your prediction go? Remember you just had to predict not actually do the experiment. This required a bit of thinking as you had to consider whether the object is heavy or light weight.


Finally, did you enjoy the warm up exercise for your hands? I love handwriting practise! Do you? From now on remember to focus on the way you sit and hold your pencil. This is all very important if you have to improve your handwriting.


I hope you have a lovely evening but don’t forget to read on bug club and practise your times tables on TT Rockstars.

Miss you all so much! Lots of love,

Mrs Ali