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Good afternoon Year 2! 


I hope that you have all had a wonderful day. It was my turn to go into school today and I was lucky enough to get to see Miss Parmer and Ms Garcia. The weather was lovely and we enjoyed doing some learning outdoors. It's now time to enjoy the long weekend and hopefully the sun stays shining. Don't forget that there are activities for VE Day for you to complete on the website if you want to.


I hope you have a lovely weekend! laugh


Here's some familiar faces sending you big smiles and well wishes. heart We miss you all - keep reaching for the stars!!!

Ps - I saw this and thought it might be something you might want to make at home? 😁 If you do, don't forget to upload it to Seesaw so your teachers can see how creative you have been! 👍

Gooood Morning Year 2! 😊


I hope that you are all keeping safe, well and most importantly happy. I have been so impressed by all of the learning that has been posted on seesaw. I have been checking all of the classes and WOWWW I didn’t realise how much talent we have in our year group. I have seen dances, Science experiments, Piano playing, sushi making, baking the list is endless. You are all such superstars and I am so proud to be a Year Group Leader to the most wonderful children. 😊 You make my heart burst with pride each and every day.heart


Today is the last day of the teaching week as tomorrow is a bank holiday because we are celebrating VE Day. We have lots of activities available related to the VE Day celebration on the History page for you to have a go at if you want to.


Todays learning:

Reading: SATs style questions based on Little Red Cap. You should all be professionals at this now, don’t forget to follow the rules that we follow in class. Read the text, read the question, understand the question, underline the question words and most importantly find your answers in the TEXT!! You’ve got this year 2 I know you can do it.


Writing: It’s time to complete your informal letters today. Please do use the PowerPoints to guide you. Make sure your letters are interesting and remember each new point you make you must start a new paragraph. We have to believe that your apology is sincere in your letter.


SPaG- I am really enjoying the puzzles that have been set. Today you are going to be looking at the ‘ie’ diagraph. If you want a challenge why not try to include some of your own words that you know have the ‘ie’ sound.


Maths: Your starter activity is all about odd and even numbers, you need to make sure you really understand what this means. I’d love for someone to write an explanation, maybe we can share it with year 1 to help them.

Time is a tricky concept but from what I can see you all seem to be doing great. Today you must check for the AM and PM next to the clocks to make sure that you are accurate.

The challenge is a real brain buster today. You have to look at how much time has elapsed (passed) between the times displayed on the clocks.


DT- This is a time to be reflective, you need to think about the recipes that you made and evaluate them. I know I’m going to have to take my time with this one because I did the DT lesson and baked some cookies but I was a bit cheeky and didn’t follow the recipe exactly as it was so my cookies did not turn out the way they were supposed to. Ooops!surprise

*Note to self …. Stick to the recipe*


I hope you have a fantastic day, keep being fabulous. I will speak to you this afternoon.


Miss Shermin