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Good afternoon Year 2!!


 A very good and sunny afternoon to all of you. How did you find today’s learning? What did you enjoy the most? Geography was very interesting today, looking at similarities and differences. Who can now read the time accurately?  Remember to check your work using A-Add, B-make it Better, C-Check before you upload your work on Seesaw.


Continue to visit Bug Club, TT Rockstars, Mymaths and PurpleMash. Your teachers are checking who is visiting. I hope you all have a good afternoon and a good rest of the day. Remember to read before bedtime.


Look after yourselves. Continue to wash your hands for 20 seconds.

Be good. Miss you all very much.

Mrs Vora

Good morning year 2!!!! smiley

I hope you are all safe and healthy with your families. How are you all and how are you getting on with your online learning? I am so excited about the Seesaw app!!!! It is such a fantastic way to communicate with your teachers. I get to see all the work that children from Casaan class are doing and I am sure all year 2 teachers would like to see how their children are getting on. Remember to complete your work with neat handwriting and check your work before you upload it.


So, with Joe wicks not being around how are you getting on with your daily physical activities? I go for a long walk every day. Many of you might be celebrating the month of Ramdaan and so eating all the delicious food that your mum/dad is making. Remember to drink plenty of water and be active for your body to be able to digest all that yummy food.


In reading, you are going to infer character traits from their quotes. You might think it’s a bit tricky but Ms has provided a very good example for you. Remember if you still find it tricky, then you will find another activity to complete.


In maths, we are going to continue with telling time. Today, we are going to focus on 5 to and 5 past. Go through the PowerPoint first.


In geography, you are going to look at some aerial photographs and write down similarities and differences. You are then going to give some ideas and suggestions about if they were to reconstruct, what should be done?  Interesting, very interesting.


In writing, you are going to use your plan to write an informal letter. Use all the resources that Ms has put on the website for you. You might want to use some of those suffixes, common exception words and different sentence openers to make your writing more interesting.


SPaG activity is easy-peasy lemon squeezy. I am sure you will have fun creating your own sentences. I wonder what will you write! I will now let you go and get on with your learning.


Good luck. I will speak to you in the afternoon.

Mrs. Vora heart