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Gooooood morning everyone!!! Mrs Ali here! How are you on this beautiful sunny morning? Have you all started using the SeeSaw app? I have! I just love it heart. I can finally hear from the children in my class. Have you all started uploading your learning and sending it to your teachers? All the year 2 teachers are so pleased to see all the fantastic learning you are doing. Remember you can simply take a photo or a video of your learning and upload it on SeeSaw. Its that easy! 


Apart from your learning what have you all been doing? I have been going on regular walks with my son Yahya. We go to a pond near our house and feed the ducks everyday. We don't want the duck to be hungry. I have also been busy trying out lots of delicious recipes. Have a look laugh


You can also share photos and videos of what you are doing in your free time on SeeSaw. I would love to see what you are cooking or making at home. 


Now you are going to start with P.E then go onto your reading task which is about inference. Here you are going to be thinking about a characters feelings and their personality. In writing you will start your informal letter today so remember to read all the instructions to help you write. For SPAG you will focus on the 'ch' sound and Maths its telling the time. At school we have learnt about quarter to, quarter past and half past so I am confident you will be great at this. As Muslims are still fasting this month we thought it would be a good idea, in RE, to think about other religions who also fast and compare both. 


Have fun completing your everyone! Don't forget to upload it on SeeSaw for your teacher to have a look. Speak to you in the afternoon.


Love from,


Mrs Ali

Good afternoon year 2! How did your learning go today? Have you all uploaded your work on SeeSaw for your teachers to see? We are so proud of you! Keep up the great work.


Did you enjoy P.E lesson today? How did your reading task go? Did manage to answer all the questions confidently? Spag was nice and easy today so I am sure you smashed it! Don't forget to write a sentence for each word. Have you all started writing your letter? Isn’t it great pretending to be the wolf? I have seen a few Maths work come through to my SeeSaw app and its looking faaaantastic! R.E was very interesting today, thinking about why and how different religions fast.


Now make sure you continue to go on Bug Club, TT Rockstars, Mymaths and PurpleMash. We are always checking to see who is using it. If any of your logins are not working just ask your teachers on SeeSaw.


I hope you have an amazing afternoon! What are you eating for dinner today? Maybe you can give your adults a hand with the cooking.


Miss you all so so much!

Lots of love,

Mrs Ali