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Good afternoon children,


I hope you have had a productive afternoon.

How did you get on with the comparison of Little Red Cap and Little Red Riding Hood? I look forward to seeing your answers.


Can you read the time to o’clock and half past now? Remember later in the week we will be progressing to 5 mins past. Why not impress your family members by reading the time, maybe at quarter to five? Be sure to check your answers in the answers sheet.


How is your plan coming along for your informal letter to the Wolf? Did you include the key language features?


I’m looking forward to seeing those Venn diagrams today for Science. Were you able to think about the materials needed to build a school?


This has made me think about the construction work happening outside our school site, I wonder if there will be a building by the time we return to school? Hmmm…

Well done for working hard yet again and we look forward to seeing your fantastic work uploaded on Seesaw. I have already seen so many children’s work so keep up the good work.


Lastly, I want to leave you with this beautiful poem called ‘The Great Realisation’ which has gone viral by Tom Foolery. Watch with your adult as the video will get us thinking about the future and impact we have on the world.

What action will take after lockdown to help our planet?


Mrs Miah

"Tell me the story about the virus"

"The Great Realisation" by British artist and poet "Probably Tomfoolery". He is a brilliant visual storyteller, utilizing all the tools we have at hand - cam...

Good Morning year two!


I hope you are all well and healthy. Kickstart your day with Joe Wicks and get your energy going to start your tasks for the day ahead.


Your reading task is a comparison task based on Little Red Riding Hood and little Red Cap. Think about the similarities and differences between the characters between the two books. There is also a task for children that are finding it a little tricky.  Have a look in the folder for tips on this task.


For Maths, this week we are going to focus on ‘Time’. We will start from O’clock and half past and by the end of the week we will learn to read the time on a clock to the nearest 5 minutes. Go through the PowerPoints first before you attempt to complete your work. Remember to check your answers at the end. If you find it tricky don’t forget to click on the tricky icon and have a go at those activities.


This week in English we are going to be planning and writing an informal letter to the big bad wolf! Can you remember the key features? Have a look at the resources in the folder to help you. Your SPaG work is a task on the ‘or’ sound.


For your science lesson this week, you will be looking at natural and man-made materials. Think about a building, our school Gascoigne primary. What materials do you think the builders would have had to use to build the school? Create a Venn diagram and include all the materials that you think a building would need, where it applies for both and where you wouldn’t use it. With the title: Man made materials and natural materials. More information can be found the science folder.


We are so excited to see our virtual classrooms on the Seesaw. Thank you, all those children and their parents who are uploading their work and thank, you in advance to all those children and their parents who will be uploading from today. We are looking forward to seeing your work. Remember focus on your handwriting and your presentation as much as actual work.


Remember to be on your best behaviour and eat lots of healthy food and stay hydrated!


Have a great day!


Mrs Miah