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Good Afternoon Year 2!


I hope you have all had an exciting day of learning! What did you learn today? What did you have for lunch today? I have had a fish pie and vegetables, it was lovely. 


How did you all get on with your learning today? I hope you all managed to finish your task and send us your work on Seesaw. My favourite part of the day is taking a look at all the amazing pieces of work you have sent us and adding to the celebration page.


Make sure while you are at home you are helping out your parents with bits and pieces, for example cooking and cleaning. Be sure to continue your independent reading while you are home, either on bug club or maybe a book that you have at home.


Remember to keep signing into TTROCKSTARS, MyMaths, Purple Mash and BugClub.


I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow and a chilled out weekend. 

Speak to you all soon.


Love Miss Connelly

Good Morning Year 2!


How are you all? I hope you all had a restful and fun half term! I can't quite remember if I ever let you know, but I decided to plant some broad beans that we was meant to use as part of our science lesson. Unfortunately the school closed and we was unable to do, so instead I planted them in a pot at my grandmas house with my nephew. Check out how its growing, its been growing for around 3-5 weeks now! If you look carefully you can see a little flower poking out and some broad beans beginning to push out around the sides.


Right then lets get this day started with PE and my favourite Joe Wicks! Get moving, get jumping, get running. Whatever you want to do to exercise! Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and have had breakfast!


For your reading task today, you are looking at SAT style questions, you will need to read the book 'Coasts'. I have learn't a few interesting facts about coasts myself while reading this book. A estuary is the point where a river flows out and meets the sea. Just remember our reading methods, read the question carefully and answer the questions to the best of your knowledge. 

In writing today, you will be editing! This means you get to add juicy information and take out anything that maybe doesn't make sense or it might just be that you have a better word for the one you had. You may need to add in the power of three to make your writing more descriptive. 

In SPaG today, you will be looking at adverbial phrases. Your job is to read the sentences and fill in the gaps with an adverbial phrases, it may be 'when, where or how'.


For your maths task, you have some arithmetic questions to answer, remember some of these questions you may be able to work out in your head, fingers or you may have to do the working out. Show us that you remember your maths methods when you are working out fractions or adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers.


For your DT lesson today you will be choosing a model that you wish to make, but your model must in relation to the coast. You might choose a ship, therefore it is your job to think and plan how you could construct your model. How can you make it strong, what materials could you use?


I hope you all have a wonderful day today. I cannot wait to see all your fantastic work on Seesaw, don't forget to send it to us. Lets remember to stay positive and be as creative as possible and have fun while we do it! 


Love Miss Connelly