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3rd July Celebration

This week's Reading Champions winners are Aryav (E Kalter), Pranav (E Kalter), Rajashtree (Nil) and Rayan (Bulu). Well done to all of you! 

  • 1st- Gold Congratulations to Aryav from E Kalter class for reading and reviewing 14 books! Well done! 

  • 2nd -Silver - Congratulations to Pranav from E Kalter class for reading and reviewing 10 books! Well done! 

  • 3rd- Bronze - Congratulations to Rayan from Bulu class and Rajashtree from Nil Class for reading and reviewing 6 books! Well done! 


For the winner of the quality book review, the Year One Team have chosen: 

Anaya from Blue Class! 



We can see Anaya has really enjoyed this book and has taken the time and care to fill out this book review to the best of her ability. Congratulations Anaya! 

You are ALL winners in our eyes because you are all READING CHAMPIONS.