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Good afternoon Year 2! It's Miss Boyce here again. laugh


How did you get on with your learning today? Did you add those beautiful illustrations to your instruction writing? Make sure you click the link to send over your learning to Miss Shermin. All of your teachers are enjoying seeing your learning so much and we love to see them being celebrated in our special celebration area! 


You have been working so hard over the last two weeks and I can understand how difficult it must be at the moment to concentrate on your home learning. We are all so proud of your efforts and we know that you are trying your hardest! 


If we were at school still, we would be finishing school today for the Easter Holidays. If you are feeling a little bored over the holidays and would like some FUN tasks to do, make sure you come back to the website as we have found some interesting and exciting projects that we think you might like! If you do complete any of these, make sure you take lots of photo's and send them to Miss Shermin so we can display them on the website! 


It is the Easter Holidays, but it is still SUPER important that we are staying at home and keeping ourselves safe. (However, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be eating lots of chocolate! wink)

Make sure you are following instructions from your adults and being super helpful around the house. You are learning so many incredible skills from this experience and are going to come back to school such grown up Year 2 children! smiley


I miss you all very much - take care and your Year 2 teachers will be back online on Monday 20th April! 


Lots of love heart


Miss Boyce smiley

Good morning Year 2 and HAPPY FRIDAY  - it's Miss Boyce here! laugh


I am missing you all SO much, I can't wait to see your faces again and hear about all of things you have been getting up to at home. Remember to keep sending over your learning to Miss Shermin so she can display it on our Celebration Page - your beautiful work is always worth celebrating! wink


Have you been enjoying the different PE activities this week? I thought you might have enjoyed the Frozen themed yoga (I know it's my favourite!). How have you been finding the Joe Wicks workout? I liked how Joe asked the children to share some ideas of what he could include in his lesson- maybe that's something you could do for your PE lessons when we are back at school? yes(P.S the Thor Smash is my favourite!)


In Reading today, you have a non- fiction text to read. Who can remember what the difference between a non-fiction and fiction text is? Tell your adult - you will amaze the socks off of them! laugh It is also an instruction text, which you will all be so amazing at now as that has been your focus in Writing this week! Maybe, if you have the ingredients at home, you could make your own bread over the weekend? I think I might have a try at that too! 


In Maths today, you are putting your multiplication AND division skills to the test! yes You have been working extremely hard at this, so I know you will fly through it! Remember to read the questions carefully and use CUBES to help you find out what you need to do. We haven't got much Maths learning on our celebration page - I wonder who will be the first to send some today?! When your finished, head back to the P.E page and click the BBC Supermovers Link. You can have a dance WHILST answering maths questions - amazing right?!


In Writing today, you are finishing off your instruction writing. Don't forget to click on the other documents which have lots of interesting vocabulary that you can use to keep your instructions interesting. How many Common Exception Words have you used? Suffixes? Imperative Verbs? (We are such clever children - I can imagine 100's! cheeky) If you haven't used many, you could use a coloured pen to do some editing today. smiley


For SPAG, you are practising compound words. Who can remember what a compound word is? If I have the words news + paper - I put them together to make... NEWSPAPER! Before looking at your worksheet, can you think of anymore? Use your beautiful handwriting to write them down and we can display them on our Celebration Page! I wonder how many compound words you used in your instruction writing without even noticing?! 


You have lots to keep you busy today and to keep your mind ticking. If you can, don't forget to get outside for a walk with your adult for 30 minutes to get some fresh air. It blows all the cobwebs away and makes you feel a little bit more energised! yes


I will be back at 3 today with my Friday story time - don't forget to join me! smiley I can't wait!


Lots of love heart


Miss Boyce