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Good afternoon everyone! I hope you enjoyed today’s learning. Which task did you enjoy most? Did you find anything very challenging? You can always email Miss Shermin and ask any questions you have about your learning.


In today’s maths lesson you were asked to divide numbers. While we were at school we learnt different methods to help us divide.

We learnt the inverse method where for example if you had to solve

18÷2 =      you could multiply to help you find the answer.   2x__=18   and the answer is 2x9=18.  So, your answer will be 18÷2 = 9.


You could also think about how many 2s there are in 18 and your answer should also be 9.


Some of you may prefer to draw 2 circles and sharing 18 to see how many are in each circle.


How was the reading comprehension question? Did you follow the steps I told you in the morning? If you did you would have whizzed through the activity as we always have been doing these at school.  


Don’t forget to listen to the story time books. Do you miss your teacher? Why not listen to her telling a story. All the teachers have taken time to read you a story.


What are you planning to do this evening? You could have a go at playing games on Purple Mash or TT Rockstars. Have you been challenging your friends? You might like to go for a walk with your family on this fresh, glorious and sunny afternoon.

We are all usually very busy going to school and we don’t get much time to help our adults with the chores at home. Have you been helping with anything at home? Why not take this opportunity to learn some life skills such as cleaning, doing the washing up, unloading the washing machine, cooking or even helping your little brother or sister this some learning. See if you can be a super family member and do one helpful chore a day. I am sure your adults will be so pleased with you.


Have an amazing evening and take care of yourselves!


Lots of love,

Mrs Ali laugh 

Good morning year 2! This is Mrs Ali! laugh Have you all eaten a healthy breakfast? I had porridge with berries...yummy yummy!!!cheeky I hope you’re all well and staying safe with your families. Are you enjoying learning from home? I know you are doing a great job and working ever so hard. All the teachers are busy preparing learning for you everyday so we hope that you are trying your very hardest to complete each task. Don't forget to take pictures of your fantastic learning and send them to Miss Shermin. We can't wait to see your work!!


Apart from your amazing learning what have you been doing in then evenings? Have you been helping your adults with the chores? My son, Yahya, and I have been going out for walks to get some fresh air. We have been fascinated by the change in weather and we have noticed how everything is looking so beautiful and greener now.


Last week’s science topic got me very excited so I decided to keep a special eye on my tulip plant at home. Every day I have been watering it and kept it near a warm sunny window. I created a photographic diary of my plant growing throughout a week. Have a look at the photographs.


Day 1Day 3Day 5Day7

 Have you got a plant at home? Or maybe a tree outside? You could photograph this every few days and look at how it has grown over time.  

Did you enjoy reading the beginning of Little Red Riding Hood? I did…It’s my favourite traditional tale. Today you will be answering comprehension questions about the story. Remember to read the story again, read the questions carefully and go back to your text and find the answer.


In maths today, you will be looking at division. Remember when you divide you have to share. Try to remember the methods you have learnt in school. Have a go and I will go over a few methods with you in the afternoon.


Who knows what an imperative verb is? Yep! Meee too...its a bossy verb 😊. Yesterday you learnt about imperative verbs but today you will be looking at features of writing an instruction. I hope you enjoy reading ‘How to make a dumper truck’ instruction. Why not collect a few cereal boxes and milk carton lids and make your own dumper truck?


We can't wait to see what Easter craft you all create during today's R.E lesson. Please take a pictures of your craft and send them to Miss Shermin. 


I hope you all have a lovely day enjoying all the learning with a big smile on your face! smiley I will speak to you again in the afternoon.


P.S. Don't forget to listen to my story in the story time section.  


Lots of love,

Mrs Ali