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Good Afternoon Year 2,

Hope you have had a lovely day. How did you get on with your activities today? Did you watch the video of the space launch?  What do you think?

What did you find out about the coastlines?  I hope you now know the difference between physical and human features. I can’t wait to read your description of coastlines. There is lots of information in our learning to include in your writing.

 I can see how children are getting good at doing their work daily and uploading on Seesaw. Well done and keep it up! Also, remember to carry out your learning by logging on to: My Maths, TT Rock Stars and Bug Club.

How many of you are thinking of making your own rocket? I can’t wait to see some amazing entries…

Have a good evening. Speak to you soon!

Mrs Datta


Good morning Year 2,

Hope you all are well and enjoyed your half term. During half term I have been working in my garden like Ms Boyce, but didn’t find any surprise visitors!

Over the half term, I was excited because of the Space X Mission. It’s not every day we get to watch a billionaire use a giant rocket to shoot his expensive electric car into orbit, but that’s exactly what happened on Saturday 30th May!

Space technology company Space X successfully launched its monster rocket — the Falcon Heavy — on a historic test flight. It passed with flying colours as it shot into the sky at Cape Canaveral in Florida in the US. The rocket carried a playful cargo: Mr Musk’s red Roadster, an electric sports car. Strapped inside the car is a mannequin named Spaceman wearing one of Space X’s spacesuits. They are expected to orbit the sun for hundreds of millions of years.

“It’s kind of silly and fun, but silly and fun things are important,” Mr. Musk said. (Person who spent all that money) Watch the video.

I agree with Mr Musk and that’s what you are doing with our topic, ‘Muck, Mess and Mixtures’, having fun.

Today’s learning:

Reading:    We would like you to read the book ‘Coasts’ and summarise some key points. Remember its only important points, not everything in the book.

Writing: Today, you will re-cap some of the key features documents you have been looking at so far this week. Then you will write your Coastline description to help you make your writing as amazing, fantastic and interesting as possible! You can include more detail from Coasts book or any other research you might do.

Maths:  Again you are continuing with your place value work.  Remember to recognise the place value of each digit in a three-digit number. Remember to check the success criteria.

Spag:  Today we are looking at prefixes. I want you to tell me what prefix means? If not sure, look for clues in your work today.

To have some fun why not create a rocket? What will your Rocket carry into space? A challenge for you all! I am looking forward to see some amazing rockets from you ready to launch into space.


Have fun learning!

Mrs Datta