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Important - Use Seesaw to share your learning with your teacher!


Download the Seesaw Class app. Use the 12-digit personal text code, sent via email.

Your child can then share their learning with their teacher and receive feedback.

Good afternoon year 2,

Hope you have had a productive day completing your activities.

How did you get on with your editing? How many of you used power of three to improve your description?

love Did you get the coordinates? Why not create a puzzle using the coordinates? I would to see some examples.

I hope you were able to answer your comprehension questions successfully using the success criteria.  Today your Spag task was apostrophe, can someone spot my mistake in this sentence:

’Oh how frightened I was! How dark it was in wolfs belly!’’

What tasty treat did you make today? I can’t wait to receive some recipes to try out.

 Also, remember to carry out your learning by logging on to: My Maths, TTRockStars and Bug Club. Remember that your teachers are monitoring your online activity regularly on all these websites.

Now you can log on to Seesaw to show your work to teachers. We look forward to see more of your learning on Seesaw app.

Today is Thursday, so don’t forget your clap for NHS staff at 8’oclock to show your appreciation.

Keep talking to your family if you are worried about anything. Keep smiling you are doing really well.

Have a lovely evening and stay safe!

Mrs Datta




Good morning year 2,


We hope you are getting much better at this way of learning. I am certain you miss talking to and playing with your friends. You are doing very well and all the teachers are very proud of you.

Today, start your day with Joe wicks. I hope you are enjoying exercising with him.

In Maths, You will be looking at the coordinates.  Remember the rule, Along the corridor and up the stairs. Have a go but don’t look at the answers before completing your task!

In Literacy, you are going to be editing your learning to make it even better! We can’t wait to read your improved work. Don't forget to follow the example on the PowerPoint to help you. 

In Spag go through the powerpoint to make sure that you understand the different ways in which we can use apostrophes. After you have understood that try the sheet provided to put your skills to the test.

In Reading, you will be answering comprehension questions.  Remember what we do before answering 1. Identify key words in questions. 2. Use evidence from the text when answering questions. 3. Check your answers are correct and make sense.

For your design and technology task today, you will be making your very own tasty treat! I would love you to share your recipe and maybe teachers can have a go at cooking it.


Well, have a good day and I will speak to you in the afternoon.


Mrs Datta