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Good Afternoon Year 2!!!!!


It is funny that at the start of British Summer Time, the weather is nothing like Summer at all or not even closer to it just like how in Jack and the Baked Beanstalk”, Jack’s “Fast” Food van had a broken-down engine so it couldn’t go fast. wink


How have you been getting on with your home learning today? It hasn’t been particularly a good day when it comes to the weather, so I am sure most of us didn’t mind staying indoors and getting on with our work. I can understand that current situation is different, difficult and nowhere near our normal routine but remember that even ‘This shall too pass away’ and when this does pass away, we all need to return back to school. Meanwhile, we must make sure that we continue to learn by making the best use of home learning.

What did you enjoy the most today? Who could spot imperative verbs? How was your science project? Did you remember to label the plate?


Remember it is equally important to read while you are at home. If you have books available at home please read them or log into Bug club and read, read, read. The Power of three, I can’t emphasise more on how important reading on Bug club is. I am sure you all will have books on Bug Club and if not please ask you parents/carers or a trusted adult to email Miss Shermin and we will be able to put more books on for you. Remember your teachers can see who has been reading on and Bug club and who isn’t??? So, make sure you read regularly.


Tomorrow will be a new day and you will have a lot of new learning to make. Remember to share the photos of your learning with us. Till then, stay home, stay safe and continue washing your hands.

Wishing you all and your families safe and healthy week ahead,


Mrs Vora


Good Morning Year 2!!!!smiley


Welcome back to another exciting week and welcome back to British Summer Time!!! Remember our clocks have gone forward and I hope you are keeping up with the time.


I hope you are all keeping well and safe with your families. Last week has been an extraordinary week, bringing with it dramatic changes to our everyday life.  We are all trying to understand and adapt to these changes, distance learning is also one of these changes. ………. hmmm ‘Distance Learning’, what does that mean? Why not start today’s distance learning by finding out what this word means and writing a sentence about it, just the way we do in our Whole Class Reading lesson when we discuss vocabulary? Don’t forget to share your sentences with us.


I must say that you are all doing a super job by keeping up with your day to day leaning at home. To tell you the truth when Mrs. Vora was a student, we were only able to do distance learning when we were in university and you are already doing it in Year 2!!!!! Wow, that’s a big achievement!!  In other words, it means that we can already trust you to complete your work from wherever you are. Maybe once we all come back to school, we can help Robert the Red-Beard Pirate learn how to read a map with the use of distance learning. Remember Robert the Red-Beard Pirate and his problems?? I think if you can learn so much, you can help him learn just that with the help of distance learning as he cannot attend school on his long voyage. I would also like to say a big Thank you from the whole team to your parents, siblings or any adults who are helping you to complete your online learning at home.


Looking at your learning for this week year 2, you have a busy day ahead. So, let’s get going. In reading, you are going to read ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, with vocabulary in focus. Don’t forget to write sentences in your own words about all those words so that you remember them and use them in future.


 In Maths today you are going to revise your 2s, 5s and 10s timetables. Don’t forget you can always go onto TT Rockstar to practise your timetables. I am sure some of you will enjoy the challenge part of it. I certainly did!!

In English, this week’s topic is ‘Instructions’ and you will start by looking at some important features of writing instruction. Remember, using imperative verbs is one of the most important features of writing instruction. Don’t forget to add suffixes just as Ms has done in her writing. In phonics, you are going to segment and blend special friend ‘oo’.


In science this week we are going to look at the food pyramid, looking at why some food items are healthy and some are unhealthy. Don’t forget to label your food plate. I like the fact that Miss Conelly has chosen some oranges for her breakfast, this will definitely save her from getting scurvy!!!


I think your science topic is so interesting and relevant, especially when we are at home, we must be very careful about what we eat. We need to make sure that we are eating nutritious food to keep our bodies healthy. It is also very important to keep active and I am sure you all enjoy PE lessons. Don’t forget to do your morning workout with Joe Wicks, most teachers are joining the sessions too.


Apart from learning, being active and eating healthy food, we must use some of this time to learn a new skill or hobby that we have always wanted to. You could learn to do your laces or help Mum in the kitchen. Mrs. Vora is learning a new language!!! You could decide to learn anything you like, just discuss it with a responsible and trusted adult first.


So, enjoy all the learning that we have uploaded for you. Don’t forget to share your work with Miss Shermin so that she can put it on the website. Stay indoors, stay safe. We all miss you and look forward to seeing you soon. Wishing you and your families a safe and healthy day ahead.

Mrs. Vora