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Good Afternoon Year 2,

Hope you enjoyed your learning today. Did you enjoy reading chapter 4? I am sure you answered all your Maths questions correctly. I am looking forward to see your art work uploaded on the Seesaw app.

 All teachers miss seeing you and teaching you. We understand how difficult it is for everyone to stay at home and work including your parents. Remember we are not alone in this, children all over the world are also in the same situation. Today, as I was preparing for your lessons I came across this lovely poem from a child somewhere in our country.

Lincoln*, 11, from the United Kingdom

When it is safe, I’ll hold my arms open wide,

and shout to the world we can all go outside! 

Don’t give up hope the end is in sight,

if we all stick together, we’ll all win this fight!”


What a lovely poem!  I am confident that we will all win this fight.

Stay Safe!

Mrs Datta




Good Morning Year 2,

How are you? I know lots of you are getting out and about and enjoying your bikes and scooters.  Thank you for uploading your pictures on Seesaw!

If you are celebrating your birthday, happy birthday enjoy your day.

Well done to those who are enjoying their art and Science projects. It’s lovely to see you are continuing with your learning at home and persevering with it. Well done!

Have a look at your learning today, you are going to read chapter 4 in ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ and answer some comprehension questions. Remember strategies like finding key words in sentences and reading your text carefully.

In writing, you are adding adjectives and adverbs to a sentence to see how sentences change. Remember your CUBE method before attempting Maths reasoning questions. Then there is a fun art lesson. Enjoy!

Well, have a good day and have fun!

Mrs Datta