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Good afternoon Year 2 - it's Miss Boyce again! wink


How did you get on with your learning today? What was your favourite activity? I'm really enjoying writing my character description about the Wolf - it's been a great opportunity to practise all of the wonderful vocabulary we are always practising in class. All of the Year 2 teachers are super eager to nominate children for a Gold award but Miss Shermin hasn't been receiving much work to put on our celebration page. sad  We LOVE to celebrate your learning so please make sure you are sending pictures of your amazing hard work so that us teachers can see it. Wouldn't it be amazing if EVERYONE in Year 2 was awarded a Gold star?!!!! laugh You can do it!


Did you enjoy the video that was shared on Monday by some of your teachers? It certainly made my day to see lots of smiley faces - hopefully it won't be long now until we get to see yours. heart Did you see Mr Fox had discovered his new talent of juggling? It reminded me of a video I watched of two twin boys from Italy who played their violin to a song by Coldplay. They are only 12 years old - how amazing is that?! I LOVE how much fun they are both having - it makes me smile so much. I thought you might like to watch it so here is the link: 



12-year-old twins play violin concert in quarantine

Mirko and Valerio, 12-year-old twins from Sicily, put on a violin concert while in quarantine, performing Coldplay's "Viva La Vida." Subscribe to the CBS New...

When I was at school, I used to play the drums. I wonder how my family would feel if I used my saucepans to start practising again? wink


I hope you have enjoyed your day of online learning - we are so proud of all of you for how quickly you have adapted to this crazy online learning. Keep working hard and remember, your teachers are available everyday to help you with any questions, queries or worries you might have. Just click the link to email Miss Shermin and she will pass it on to us. 


Take care Year 2 and I will speak to you all again soon.


Lots of love heart


Miss Boyce laugh

GOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, Year 2 - it's Miss Boyce here! laugh


How are you all?! I am missing you all so, so, so much but as always, I am incredibly proud of how hard you are all working through these strange times. I'm sure you have heard the word Coronavirus a lot lately and you know that because of the virus, it's important for us to keep ourselves safe at home. I'm sure you have lots of questions and worries and that is ok - we are all feeling like this! Before you start your learning today, I would like you to click the link below and read the story called "Coronavirus - A book for children." It answered lots of my worries and helped me to understand a little bit better about what is happening right now. yes

Remember, even though you aren't seeing your teachers everyday, we are still online to answer any of your questions or worries. Just send them to Miss Shermin and she will pass them over to your teacher. laugh


In your Reading session today, you are reading through the story Little Red Cap and answering questions about the text. Remember to follow the steps that we do in class - 

1. Read the question

2. Underline the key words

3. Check the text for your answer


How did you get on with writing your appearance section of your character description yesterday? I know already that they are going to be amazing! laugh Before you get started today, read back through your writing from yesterday and check your sentences. The PowerPoint has lots of helpful tips to help you with today's learning so have a good look through that before you get started.


In Maths, you are looking at shapes and direction - how interesting! If you have some colouring pens or pencils at home, why don't you draw out your own shapes and move in different directions around your home? Don't forget to send over your learning to Miss Shermin so we can celebrate it on the website. yes


You have a really interesting Geography task today - you are looking at Aerial photographs. Do you know what an Aerial photograph is? You could make a prediction before you have a look at the learning today to see if you were right! wink 


Enjoy your day Year 2 - remember, your teachers are online all day so if you have any questions, send them over to Miss Shermin and she will pass them over to your teacher. smiley I will be back at 3pm to see how you got on today.


Now, get yourself over to the P.E page to start your day with some P.E with Joe Wicks! wink


Lots of love,


Miss Boyce laugh