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Good Afternoon,


I hope you have all enjoyed your day of learning.How did you get on ?

 I was a bit disappointed with the weather today as I find looking at the sunshine through my window very relaxing. I don’t know about you Year 2 but us teachers have had a really busy day today and I’m feeling exhausted. I’m going to do some mindful meditation today instead of my usual walk in my local forest as I think it might be a little muddy today. You can give meditation a go to if you want. Click the link below.


On my walk yesterday, I found a road sign that reminded me of someone:

This made me smile!smiley

I’m really enjoying reading lately and I find myself reading in the strangest places because I am so engrossed. This really made me think about all of you at home and your reading. I am going to be setting a reading champions challenge. I will be selecting a reader of the week every Friday. I will be checking bug club to see who has been reading and completing the comprehensions to find my winner. So, let’s get reading! Who will it be this week?


I hope you all have a lovely evening and get plenty of sleep ready for tomorrows challenges. Thinking of you all.


Lots of Love

Miss Shermin


Good Morning Year 2,

I hope you and your families are all doing well and keeping safe. I am really missing you all and I know that all of the other teachers are too which is why Miss Watson and Miss Ribbons put together a little video of us all sending our love (Thank you). Check out the link below if you haven’t seen it yet.  😊

I was very impressed with Miss Preston and her art skills; did you see her painting? Wow! J It was lovely to see everyone’s smiley faces despite the difficult times that we are facing. Even us adults are using this time to learn new skills, Mr Fox seems to be doing well with his juggling skills. It has inspired me to try and learn a new skill this week too.

Today you have lots to be getting on with as usual and as I mentioned on the celebration page I would really like to see learning from different children this week especially from RED class.


PE: I know many of us tune in to Joe Wicks as his lessons are fantastic but today you have an alternative option if you wish to use it. Its yoga ‘Wizard of Oz” style (My favourite).

Reading: It’s time to learn some new vocabulary from our new text “Little Red Cap”. Let’s see if you can use some of these new words in your own sentences.

Writing: Yay !!! Character description time. I know you are all great at these and I can’t wait to see how well you have used your imagination. Remember this is fictional so be creative and explain, explain, explain.

EG: The cunning wolf has a thick, brown, bushy tail that he uses to attack his prey with when he pounces on them. Sometimes he even uses it like a feather duster when he cleans out his den, how strange!

SPaG: Subordinating conjunctions – this task will really help you when you are writing your descriptions. Remember subordinating conjunctions help us to extend our sentences and give explanations.

Maths: You need to use your number knowledge for the starter activity. How many facts can you make using just 3 numbers? The main activity is rehearsing your position and direction knowledge. You need to make sure you follow the direction carefully. Why not try to make a game with it.

RE: A continuation of Ramadan learning.


Enjoy your day, and please remember to make time to play and rest your brains. I look forward to seeing what you have all achieved. Keep smiling and keep safe. We are all so very proud of how well you are doing.

Lots of love

Miss Shermin

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