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Good afternoon year 2!


I hope you have been working hard today. With the weather being so beautiful outside it’s difficult to stay in, but we must, to keep our selves and others safe from this virus.


As part of Super Scientist day Pupa class watched an interesting video on viruses because they weren’t sure what a virus is or what it can do. Here is link for you to watch (with your adult) to understand the Covid19 virus. I hope it will help you make sense of what is happening in the world now and how you can stay safe.


I am so proud of you all for showing such fantastic resilience in getting on with your work and persevering through.

Well done to all the children who have been logging onto My Maths, TT Rockstars and Bug Club. Your teachers have been monitoring this closely.


Ensure you are also reading everyday for 30mins and filling in your Reading Records. You have also been set weekend home as per usual so please check the homework folder. Don’t worry, there’s also some fun activities for you to do so check it out!


It’s also important to have regular brain breaks. Please ensure you are treating the weekdays as school days and you are going to sleep at a sensible time.

Do listen to story time today, as I have uploaded a video of me reading a fantastic story.

Lastly, don’t forget to share all your fantastic work with your teachers, by sending a photo or pdf including your name and class. This work will then go up on the rainbow icon called ‘our learning’.


It’s the weekend children! Have a good weekend and stay safe!


Mrs Miah


Good morning Year 2,


How are you all? Did you all join in with clapping for the NHS last night? They deserve all the support they can get.


Anyway I hope you’ve had a good nights sleep and a healthy nutritious breakfast to start off the day. Me and my children have been joining in with Joe’s 9am workout too. I tell you what, its certainly made me huff and puff but made me feel fitter! Remember to join Joe and stay active!


I’m glad that we have technology such as computers, tablets and the internet so we can carry on with learning at home.


Did you manage to complete all of your activities from yesterday? Be sure to look at the timetable for each day so all subjects are covered.  

All the teachers in year 2 have also been working hard at home to plan some fantastic home learning activities for you all, so make sure you have a go.


Your reading task is a comprehension activity followed by a SATs style reading paper. Remember to use reading strategies we have taught you at school such as; your phonics to sound out words, break words up so it’s easier to read and use pictures to help. To answer questions, highlight keywords from the questions, scan the text and find the keywords from the questions to help you find the correct evidence in the text.


For Literacy you should complete your adaptation for Jack and the Beanstalk then read out loud to see if it makes sense, then edit your writing using the methods we use at school. Head over to Fridays folder to see what you need to include in your writing.  


For Maths, follow the White Rose Maths link in the folder to start your exciting learning journey towards finding quarter of a number. Click on the link and see the video of lesson 4 only.


The phonics is in the SPaG folder. The LO is to blend and segments words with the ow, ur and or sound. Please check the folder and complete the activity.


Stay active and hydrated children, this will help you concentrate on your learning too. Remember to help around the house where you can too. Always show gold behavior traits at home too, surely your parents will report back to us!


Have a super productive day!


Mrs Miah