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Wednesday 29th April 2020

Math-amazing practical doubling by Ivayla, Blue
Maths- Making doubles by Ivayla, Bulu
Great number and letter formation by Ivayla, Blue
Maths-fantastic doubles by Rayan, Bulu
Maths-mastering doubles by Rayan, Blue
Maths-Wonderful doubles by Sudiksha, Azul
Maths-beautiful doubles by Sudiksha, Azul
SPaG learning by Ivayla, Blue
Maths-brilliant douibles by Eshaal, Bulu
Writing-Wonderful sentence composition,Eshaal,Bulu
Maths-superb doubles by Larisa, Bulu
Writing-Larisa from Bulu class' autobiography
Sorting materials into groups by Eshaal,Bulu
Beautiful handwriting by Rayan, Bulu
Writing-Mother Teresa's biography by Logan, Buluug

Tuesday 28th April 2020

Maths-repeated addition by Eshaal, Bulu
An autobiography by Eshaal, Bulu
Eshaal, Bulu class' Science investigation outcom
An autobiography by Logan, Buluug
Maths-making arrays by Logan, Buluug
Maths-making arrays by Prisha Bulu
A wonderful super plastic cape by Supratik, Blue
Maths-making arrays by Anaya, Blue
Writing-Marie Currie's biography by Anaya, Blue
Maths-making arrays by Anaya, Blue
Writing-Aitya's mum biography by Aditya, Blue
Maths-making arrays by Mukhil, Blue

Monday 27th April 2020

Maths-making arrays by Logan, Buluug
Maths-making arrays challenge by Logan, Bulu
Writing-Mary Seacole fact file by Eshaal, Bulu
Writing-Seacole's life mind map by Eshaal, Bulu
Maths-adding equal groups by Prisha, Bulu
Amazing Islamic religion facts by Fatima, Bulu
RE- significance of Ramadan by Fatima, Bulu
Fantastic Pop Art design by Fatima, Bulu
Maths-making arrays by Eshaal, Bulu
Writing-Marie Currie mind map by Anaya, Blue
Maths-making arrays by Larisa, Bulu
Maths-making arrays by Rayan, Bulu
Maths-awesome arrays by Erisa, Azul
Writing-Michael Jackson's biography by Larisa Bulu
Art-Painting review by Larisa, Bulu
Maths- making arrays by Mukhil, Blue
A fantastic piece of artwork by Mukhil, Blue
Maths-making arrays by Prisha, Bulu
Look at Prisha, Bulu class' awesome PE workout
SPaG learning by Prisha, Bulu
SPaG learning by Rayan, Bulu