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Good afternoon year 2!


Have you all had a lovely day? It seems like its beginning to warm up with the sun shining as bright as a star (SIMILIE). I hope you all enjoyed your writing today and used some exciting adverbs and verbs to make your writing incredibly interesting! Don't forget to include the power of 3, that's Miss Connelly's favourite in a piece of year 2 writing! 


Have you all been practising your spelling, 'Look, Cover and Spell', keep going...

I hope you all drew some amazing leaves today, how many did you find and draw? Why not send us some photo's so we can share your fantastic work!


Who's been keeping fit and eating some delicious fresh fruit and vegetables with their breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinners. I had carrot and cucumber sticks today for my fresh snack, it was yummy! I hope you all got on really well with your maths and reading today, make sure you keep up the hard work!

Guess what... The beautiful thing about learning is NOBODY can take it away from you, just focus and keep on moving forwards, brighter days are yet to come! Have a lovely afternoon everybody, don't forget to have a goodnight sleep after a busy day and keep drinking lots of water, because just like plants and seeds we desperately need it to keep ourselves hydrated and grow!

Here's a little quote I found which I changed a little, but I still want to share with you all, check it out below.

"Our task as individuals is to help one another communicate with the world using our full potential, strength, voice and to overcome any obstacles that stand in our way"


Take care and stay safe, we will see you soon!

Miss Connelly



Hello Year 2!

I hope you all had an amazing day yesterday while learning from home, like us teachers! We are all so proud of how hard and well you are working and we think you are all doing a great job, because sometimes its tricky to adjust to change but you are all doing super! 

I hope you have all been reading your books that you took from our fantastic library, however if you didn't get a chance to do this that's ok because your lovely teachers in year 2 have brought some home so that they can read to you. Make sure you follow along with us, that way when you come back to school your reading will be beautifully clear, coherent and fluent! 


I hope you've been keeping fit and healthy while you are at home, remember its very important to keep moving, this will help all our vital organs in our body stay super strong! So, what have you been doing to stay fit? There's lots of active P.E lesson's online for you to watch, for example Joe Wicks (the body coach, he came to GASCOIGNE! Who remembers?) or you could do your own stretches and exercises in a spare space! I have been taking my dog called Storm (a dalmatian), to the park every morning to keep us fit and we do this by running together. Check out the photo below... HMM... who thinks they can spot the flowers behind Storm? Can you remember? We spoke about these in our Science lesson, Art and in a seasonal poem we read in reading last week.



 In Maths today you will be looking and working on equal parts. Think of a pizza, if I slice my pizza into 4 pieces equally, 1 for Miss Shermin, 1 for Miss Boyce, 1 for Mrs Datta and 1 for Mrs Ali, this means they will each have 1/4 each. If I put all the quarters back together it makes 1 whole again! 

I would love to see everyone's blending and segmenting sentences, you will find this worksheet in the SPaG folder under phonics. Check it out and write us some interesting sentences using the 'ur, ir and er' words and sounds in the box!

You have an exciting Art activity which includes collecting some leaves. If you are not able to go outside that's ok, because when you go into the art file there is a document with pictures of different leaves there, or why not be creative and make up your own leaf and tell us all about it!


As we come to the end of our learning today, remember that it is important to keep drinking lots of water, eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and wash your hands! Also remember what we have been learning in our PSHE lessons (Mindup!). It is important to give our brains a brain break because sometimes if we over use them we don't take in anymore information and then we won't become wise owls anymore!

Well done everyone, keep up the good work. I will speak with you all soon!


Miss Connelly