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Good morning to you all!!blush How are you? I hope everyone is keeping safe and staying home. RAMADAN MUBARAK laugh to everyone in year 2. I'm sure you all know that Ramadan is a special month for Muslims, where we fast from dawn to sunset for a month.


We've all been home for over a month now and I've been thinking about how lucky we are to have enough food to eat, a place to live, clean water to drink and family around us. Around the world there are many families who are less fortunate and don't have these simple things in life to help them survive. I feel extremely grateful for everything I have so from today I will not waste food, water or electricity. Why don't you try to do the same?


I think the most important part of being home with our families is to be considerate about each others feelings, keeping calm and peaceful when things don't go our way, showing our parents the best golden behaviour angel and take care of each other at home. All these aspects will help us become super kind and a better person.  


I know you all have been working so hard and I am very proud of you. Well done for continuing your learning at home. Today you will be sorting verbs and adverbs into the correct groups. Remember verbs are doing words and adverbs mean how you do something.


During your reading session you will be reading another version of Little Red Riding Hood and answering a few comprehension questions. Following on from this, in writing you will complete your re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood and edit your work today.


In Maths we are focusing on multiplication but make sure you go through the PowerPoint slides as it give you a lot of help. 


To end your day you have an amazing music lesson where you get to learn and sing songs about 'friendship'. How lovely is that?laugh


Enjoy today's learning and I will speak you all in the afternoon. 

PS I miss you all so much. Make sure you work hard!


Love from,


Mrs Ali


Good afternoon year 2! How did today's learning go? I hope you enjoyed your lessons. What are you doing for the rest of the afternoon? Its such a beautiful sunny day. Maybe you could go for a short walk with your family and get some fresh air or just relax for a while and do some reading. Don't forget to log into Bug Club as all the teachers have noticed many children are not reading books online. But well done to those who are reading everyday and trying your best. We are super proud of you! laugh


I'm sure Maths went well as we have done these multiplication methods at school but its a good reminder so you don't forget. Which method did you prefer to use? Did you do the challenge task for SPAG? Its pretty simple. I thought of a few verbs for example, mix, dig, sleep and adverbs could be politely, quietly, vigorously. 


Did you enjoy reading a different version of Little Red Riding Hood? Which star questions did you complete? Don't forget you can check your answers as Mrs Miah has put them up for you. How did your writing go? I can't wait to read your re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood. Make sure send them to Miss Shermin. 


My favourite part of today was the music lesson. Who has been practising the songs on Yumu? You could get your family involved and even do a family song. Why not film yourself singing and send it to us? We would love to hear your amazing singing.


Finally please remember to continue reading and practise your times tables on TTRockstars. If you have any problems with any of your logins just email Miss Shermin and we will help you sort it out. 


HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! Enjoy your weekend. Stay safe, eat lots of healthy fresh fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. 


Love you all!!



Mrs Ali