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Good Afternoon year 2,


Hope you have had a lovely day. Well done to all of you who are making a huge effort to complete your home learning. We are really proud of you all!

 How did you get on with writing some instructions today? I hope you have started on your instructional booklet. Year 2 teachers can’t wait to see some pictures.


I hope you used those strategies to answer your SAT style questions.

How did you get on with the Maths Challenge?

First answer should be    60÷10=6

Second answer should be 25÷ 5=5

Third answer should be 8÷2=4


It’s also important to have regular brain breaks and to sleep at a sensible time. Keep helping your parents too and don’t forget to tidy up.


Remember to clap at eight o’clock tonight for all those people who are keeping our country running. We all have to do our bit.


Also there are some great videos on YouTube where you can create lots of animals by drawing around your hands. This is something you can try during your holidays. Make sure you wash your hands!!


Have a lovely and safe holidays and teachers will keep in touch with you over the holidays too.


Take care!

Mrs Datta


Good morning Year2!!!!

I hope you all are getting use to this new way of learning.
It's lovely to see more and more of you beginning to share your learning with us which
can be seen on the 'Celebrating Our Learning' page. I have enjoyed seeing your
learning very much. Well done and keep it up!

I hope you are all exercising with Joe Wicks. Joe Wicks wants people to complete his
P.E session this Friday in fancy dress so get looking through your wardrobes for
anything suitable to wear! I would love to see what you dress up as so send us a photo
in your fancy dress on Friday.

Remember to read the Little Red Riding Hood book carefully to answer all those SAT
style questions. Remember to use reading strategies we have taught you at school such
as sounding out words up so it’s easier to read and use pictures to help. To answer
questions, highlight keywords from the questions, scan the text and find the keywords
from the questions to help you find the correct evidence in the text.

You are writing instructions this week. Why not create an instructional booklet, in which
you can include some food recipes cooked by your parents or family members.


In Maths, you are looking at division word problems. Remember to use the CUBE
method to get it all right. Those who are feeling confident why not trying learning 3X and
4x times tables and create some of your own word problems!!

In SPaG read your sentences carefully to fill in the blanks.


This week in Science, we are looking at food groups and why we need a balanced meal
to stay healthy. Why not create a food pyramid using some of your food packaging. For
example use bread or pasta bags for carbohydrate or egg and cheese packaging for
protein etc. It can be a project for the holidays too.

What else have you been doing? Year 2 teachers would love to hear please share your
thoughts and learning by emailing Ms Shermin.

Well I better go now because I need to get ready for my Joe Wicks P.E session at

Have a lovely day!
Mrs Datta