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Good afternoon children,


I hope you have had a productive afternoon. How did you get on with your story writing? We all looking forward to receiving some good quality examples of your writing. We are looking for excellent presentation and neat handwriting because we know that you can all write neatly if you try and keep practising.  


Children please send in examples so that us teachers can show off a little hehehee . I believe from next week teachers will be awarding children the Gold Star award that are demonstrating gold award characteristics in their work and behaviour at home! We will know from parents if your behaviour has been at gold standard and from the work you send us. 


You can now check the Maths folder for the answers to the missing numbers activity to see how you did, if you have a red pen you can self assess like we do at school.


Did you use the reading strategies and tips I gave to find the answers for the reading activity?


How did you get on with researching an old fashioned bakery? What a fun task, we look forward to seeing some photos of what you found. 


Please remember to log on to TTRockstars and keep practising your times tables, this is very important as it will help with with the rest of your Maths work. Knowing your times tables will help with learning about, time, money, division, word problems, fractions, shape, measure, statistics and more! The more you practise the fluent you will become in all areas of Maths.


Finally, thank you to all parents and carers who have been helping our wonderful children with their home learning, and well done to our fantastic children for showing such high levels of resilience at this time. Keep up the good work!


Mrs Miah


Good Morning year two!


I hope you are all well and healthy. Kickstart your day with Joe Wicks and get your energy going to start your tasks for the day ahead.


Your reading task is a SATs style comprehension questions based on Little Red Riding Hood. Have a look in the folder for tips on this task.


For Maths your starter is the 3 times table activity followed by missing numbers activity.

Your writing task is to begin writing the beginning and middle of your story. Remember to keep going back to your plan to help you with your writing. Be sure to include some common exception words, suffixes and vocabulary from the book. Follow the PowerPoint to help you start your story.


Your SPaG work is to fix a sentence- find the error in the sentence then re-write it in your book.


Finally, your DT task is to research some old fashioned bakeries and look at the recipes that they used for baking bread, cakes and biscuits. When I was a little girl I remember going to an old fashioned bakery, called ‘The Oven door’. My dad would take me there every Friday. They used to bake a local bread called a ‘stottie’, it was light and fluffy and delicious. It was very popular where I grew up in Newcastle.


We all want to see more examples of your wonderful work so please send in pictures.

Remember to be on your best behaviour and eat lots of healthy food and stay hydrated!


Have a great day!


Mrs Miah