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Good afternoon Year 2, 


I hope you have enjoyed your learning activities today - I know I really enjoyed PE with Joe Wicks! Isn't he great?! 


I hope your plans for writing are ready because we can't wait to read your stories. I have even started my own.... Jack now owns an ice cream van in my story!


Keep going with your amazing home learning and don't forget to record it all into your home learning books.If you run out of space, you can come and collect another book from school. 


Enjoy the rest of your evening!


Miss Shermin :) 

Good Morning Year 2 , 


I know things are a little bit strange at the moment because our school is closed but we need to make sure that we are all kept nice and safe. 

 We have been working so hard this year and we don't want that to stop , we will still be learning every day but it will just be in a different way. Although lots of things are changing at the moment , we are still your teachers , we are still year 2 and we are still all here for you ! We will be writing to you every morning and every evening so don't forget to check the daily blogs.


Make sure you follow the timetable on the homepage as that will tell you what you need to be doing throughout the day just like our timetables in class. 


1. Look at the timetable daily.

2. Click on the subject that it tells you to go to.

3. Click on the day that you need.

4. All of your learning for the day on that topic will be there.

5. Complete the tasks.


If you are having trouble using the website for any reason, please use the booklets that your teachers have given you. 


If you are struggling don't forget you can always email Miss Shermin using the email link.


I hope you enjoy your learning activities today. 


Miss Shermin smiley