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Good afternoon Year 2,


I trust you have all had a good day to end the half term. It is now time to enjoy a well-deserved break. I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to you and your parents/ careers for the incredible work that you have been putting in. There are some activities on the website for you to access during the half term and next half term the teachers in year 2 have two really exciting topics that we will be covering. I cannot wait! Be prepared to get MESSY!cheeky


I would like to end the half term with a positive message from us teachers. Although we have been apart, you have all managed to put a smile on our faces through your continued efforts that you have shown in your learning. We have missed you all lots and even though we haven’t been able to see you for a while, all of your teachers still think about you every single day. Staying away from each other and our amazing school will not last forever, we will all be reunited as soon as we can and when that day comes it will be wonderful. There are lots of really amazing people working on trying to make this happen, so in the meantime we must all continue to be kind, helpful, positive and grateful for the things that we have. Make sure you keep talking to your loved ones and keep up the good work.  You are all amazing and we are so proud of you year 2! Keep shining bright. heart


Lots of Love

xxxxxxx  Miss Shermin   xxxxxx


Good Morning year 2!smiley

Today is the last day of the first Summer half term. You have now completed another half term of home learning so well done to you! We have all thoroughly enjoyed seeing your learning on Seesaw but remember to only upload 1 piece for each lesson. I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the sunshine, I know I have been. I have been spending lots of time in my garden this week, I made S’mores on my fire pit and they were delicious!! Can you tell that I enjoyed them? If you want to have a go all you need is: plain biscuits, marshmallows and a cube of plain chocolate. Be warned it gets very messy and gooey!surprise



Your tasks today are listed below, take your time so that you get the best out of your learning. Remember to take breaks too as our brains need a rest too.

Reading: Your reading task today is to read the poem ' Our Pond by Richard Edwards' and answer some comprehension questions and as a challenge have go at the reading task and writing task. Remember to use the reading strategies we have taught you at school; skim and scan, highlight key words and use your phonics to sound out tricky words. If you can't get the question sheet printed just remember to write the answers in full sentences and number them. 

Writing: Today, you will be performing your poems. Make sure you edit them to get the best version of your master piece. Remember to watch Michael Rosen’s video clip to remind you of how enthusiasm and energy we want to see in your performances.

SPaG: You will be consolidating your phonics with the ‘ir’ sound today. You need to complete the word and then use them to create your own sentences. Please remember to write descriptive, interesting sentences that show off your writing skill.

Handwriting: You will be looking at break letters today. These are the letters that we do not join. We should not be seeing curly g’s and y’s in your writing. Remember to follow the video clip before you copy out the written piece.

Maths: You have a revision booklet to work through today as you have now studied all of the areas that Year 2 have. We will be going over some of the tricky topics next half term to make sure that we are ready for year 3 so it’s important for you to identify the areas that you need more help with and let your teachers know.
Music: You will be selecting your favourite song from the friendship unit and performing it. Make sure that you practice, you can not perform a song if you don’t know the words. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. We look forward to seeing your performances on SeeSaw.


I will be back this afternoon to check how you got on. Have a fantastic day !


Lots of Love


heartMiss Sherminheart