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Good Afternoon Year 2!


I hope you have all had a great day completing all your fantastic lessons and task that your teachers have created for you. I hope you all started off your morning with the lively but energetic Joe Wicks! I took a walk to my local park for some exercise as the sun is shinning really bright today! 


How did you all get on with your reading and writing task today? Did you manage to use suffixes in your writing, how about a similie? "The big bad mischievous wolf, quietly emerged into grandma's house...". Were you able to use commas during your SPAG activity? Its important that we use commas in our writing that way we are able to make short breaks between our words and writing.


I hope you was able to tell us all about the changes in the environment for your Geography task, how amazing is it that things change so much over a period of time. I found it very interesting how the maps of London looked hundreds of years ago, compared to now! I noticed we have a lot more house, more buildings, lots of shops and that's all happened due to a change in the environment.


I hope you have all had lots of healthy food today for your breakfast and lunch, maybe you can help someone tidy up and prepare dinner. Be sure to have a good night rest because the learning continues tomorrow morning with lots more exciting task for you to complete. Don't forget to ask your parents/carers to send us in your work so we can upload them onto our year 2 page, we would love to see!

Have a lovely evening and don't forget to keep washing those hands and drink lots of water!


Lots of Love, Miss Connelly

Good Morning Year 2!


How are you all? I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter holiday and a very restful break, because you have all worked extremely hard over the past weeks! I have noticed a few of you have sent your work into Miss Shermin and I must say it is absolutely amazing. The effort and the passion that is shining through your work puts a great big smile on face!


So, should we get this day started then with some exercise with Joe Wicks! I have to be honest its hard work, but can you imagine how fit and healthy you are keeping your body by doing this! Now I know why you all still have loads of energy once you have had your P.E lesson.


This term we are looking at ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ for reading and writing and I’ll let you in on a little secret, when I was at child at school MANYYY years ago I too did English lessons on Little Red Riding Hood, it’s also one of my favourite traditional tales! You will be completing a reading comprehension task all about the tale. Is anyone else scared of the big bad wolf? (Miss Connelly is!) Make sure you remember the methods and techniques that we use, underline the questions, then think about what the question is asking you. For writing you are beginning to put together your own retell of the tale, make sure you use the power of 3, similes, common exception words and suffixes. These are all really important and will help to make your writing super interesting for the reader! Make sure you check and read over your work and to use your very best handwriting, with a sharpened pencil!


In maths you will be looking at multiplication, if you get stuck remember what we do in the class to solve the problem. Sometimes you can work out multiplications by dividing as well to solve problems, we learnt this when we looked at inverses. In SPAG, I want to see how you can insert commas into your writing. How do you use commas? Show us how to do it because we use commas all the time when we are writing.

In Geography we will be looking at how the environment has changed over the years, how places have changed. What similarities and differences can you see in the London maps, what has changed? It’s amazing how things change over time, do you think this is a positive or negative thing that happens to the environment? Make sure you look carefully and give a clear explanation before you answer.



Have a good day, take your time don't forget to drink lots of water, as well as lots of fruit and vegetables. I will speak to you in the afternoon, take care and don't forget to ask your parents to send us in photo's of your amazing work.


Love Miss Connelly