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Thank you Safwan!

Good Afternoon Year 2!


I hope you have all had an amazing day today and enjoyed your home learning! I have been really impressed with the children who have sent in their work to us teachers. If you haven't had an opportunity to do this or you have had some difficulty, please ask someone at home to contact the office so they can support you with this!


I hope you have all been displaying golden behaviour while you have been at home and helping your parents with cleaning, cooking and tidying up! Remember its important to think about others and be respectful while at home.

What did you have for lunch today? I had chicken curry with rice and peas, it was yum!

How did you enjoy making your signs for your community? I look forward to seeing them on Seesaw and I am also excited to read some of your poems!

Remember to keep drinking and allow yourself time out to have brain breaks and snacks, this way we remain focused! 


A massive thank you to Safwan who made me this poster for teacher appreciation day, its beautifully and a big thank you to all the teachers who are working really hard to ensure all your learning is as wonderful from home.

I'am missing you all lots and I can't wait to see you all soon. Have a wonderful evening and keep smiling everything will be ok! 


Lots of Love Miss Connelly


Good Morning Year 2!


I hope you are all up and ready to start your day! How are you? It has been really sunny these past few days, I hope you have been enjoying the weather as much as I have!


Lets get our bodies pumping with some Joe Wicks for your PE lesson this morning! Make sure you are keeping hydrated with lots of water!


Reading: For your reading lesson today you will be looking at inference and deduction questions. Remember to listen carefully to the lyrics in the song and answer carefully, you can always go back and listen again if you are not sure!

Writing: For your writing task today you will be writing your poems into your home learning books. We would also like you to add illustrations, every two lines the same way Axel Scheffler has done for the Julia Robinsons poems. Make sure your handwriting is beautifully presentable and remember your punctuation and grammar. Check out the powerpoint below to help you with your learning. 

SPaG: For your SPag task, you will be looking at the 'ph' sound. Remember to create super sentences when you find the word. If you are not too sure what the word means then you could check on the internet or ask someone in your house.


Maths:For your maths task today you will be looking at number bonds and number families. Think about all the ways you can make the number, maybe you could half it, because two halves make a whole. Think about which number you have to subtract and add to make the correct total, sometimes you have to test them out before you find the correct answer!


Art: For your art task today you will be making your very own sign Think carefully about the message you are trying to send out to your community! It may be that you want your community to start cleaning up rubbish on the streets, therefore everyone should come together and clean their streets every week. Remember looks of colour, be as creative as you want and make sure you explain a little bit about your sign!


Well done everyone you are doing super! I will speak to you all in the afternoon, take care and have a wonderful day!

Don't forget to send us your awesome work on SeeSaw!


Love Miss Connelly