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Good afternoon Year 2 - it's Miss Boyce again! 🤓

How did you get on with today's learning? I'm really excited to read your coastal setting descriptions a little later in the week. 🤓👍


Us Year 2 teachers have noticed that not many of you are accessing your Bug Club accounts. It is SOOOOO important to read every day - that could be your books on Bug Club or a book of your choice from home. If you haven't got any books at home, why don't you make up your own story and read it to your family at home? 📖📖📖


Every Friday in Laal class we would have a special story time where we would bring in our favourite teddy bear and read a story to them. We would practise our amazing story telling voices whilst giving them a lovely cuddle at the same time. I have been enjoying lots of story times with my teddy, Olaf. Today we read one of our favourite stories 'The Incredible Journey'. 

Olaf LOVES the dinosaur voice I use - ROOOAAAARRRR! 😎


Why don't you read to your favourite teddy tonight? Don't forget to use your fabulous story telling voices too. 👍 You could ask an adult to record you and send it to your teacher - I know they would love to hear your wonderful reading. 😍


Take care superstars! 🌟


Missing you all very, very, very, very much! ❤️


Lots of love, 


Miss Boyce 🤓

Good morning Year 2 - it's Miss Boyce here! 🤓 How are you all?! I hope you enjoyed your half term and had a break from your online learning. I've been enjoying the beautiful weather 🌞 and spending time in my garden doing some gardening. Look! We had a surprise visitor... 

We decided to name him Hog. 🤩 Did you know that hedgehogs are Insectivores? That means that they only (mainly) eat insects. 🐌🐛🐜🐞 They are also lactose intolerant which means that milk and dairy products will make them very poorly. It's fun to research and learn new things.👍

You have some really exciting learning to complete today! 🤓 Make sure to visit the 'finding it tricky' pages if you are finding your learning a little difficult. Remember, your teachers are available on Seesaw all day to help you too! 🤓


When you are ready to start your learning, click the folders below. I will be back a little later to see how you got on. 🤓 Enjoy your day superstars! 🌟


Lots of love ❤️


Miss Boyce