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GOOD AFTERNOON Year 2! It's Miss Boyce again laugh


How are you all? How did you get on with your learning today? Make sure you upload your learning to Seesaw so your teachers can celebrate your hard work with you! wink

Ranti took the opportunity to use his balcony to help him complete his Geography learning today - I had to share this picture with you because it made me smile. laugh

Did you know that today is 'Thank a Teacher Day'? I know how thankful many of you are of your teachers, so why not create a funky, colourful and meaningful poster, card, or message for your teacher? laugh Your teachers are always working hard and trying their best to make sure you enjoy your learning and helping to feed your brains with lots of information. I know it will bring the biggest smile to your teachers face today! laugh

I would like to thank my Year 2 teacher, Miss Roberts. She was such a kind, fun and helpful teacher who inspired me to become a teacher when I was an adult. Thank you Miss Roberts! laugh

Thank you for working so hard again today - we are all SO proud of you.


Speak to you soon, superstars!


Lots of love heart


Miss Boyce laugh

Gooooood morning Year 2 - it's Miss Boyce here! laugh How are you all? I am missing you all so very much, but like always, we are all so proud of you all for trying your best at home. Keep it up, superstars! 


Here's a quick summary of your learning today... wink


PE - it is a BEAUTIFUL day outside today so why don't you plan some time today to go for a walk with your adult? If you have a garden, you could do some star jumps in your garden too! Enjoy the sunshine as much as possible - sun always makes a difference to our day. laugh


Reading - you have a little bit of a different task today. Not only are you going to be using your fantastic reading skills but your listening skills too. I know I am going to really enjoy this task today! Don't forget to post your thoughts to Seesaw. laugh


Writing - you are going to be using your rhyming couplets knowledge today to help you create a poem (aren't you guys so clever?! wink) Don't forget to follow the PowerPoint for some top tips! 


SPAG / Handwriting - you are looking at the special friends 'kn' today. Can you think of any words that have this sound already?! Don't forget to write some sentences using your best ever handwriting and upload them to Seesaw.  As an extension, you could even add your own words and sentences using your special colourful pen! wink


Maths - you are practising your addition today - don't forget to show all of your working out in your workbooks. Have a look at the finding it tricky page if you need a little help. yes


Geography - you are going to be using your amazing map knowledge today, how exciting! laughMake sure you have a good look outside your window - what signs can you see? Are there trees? Are there buildings nearby? Don't forget to upload your final product to the Seesaw app!


Enjoy your day superstars - I will be back a little later to see how you got on. laugh


Lots of love heart


Miss Boyce cheeky