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Week 1st February 21

3 PURPLE Certificate

3 GUDUUD Certificates

3 VJOLLCE Certificates

3 JAAM Certificates

3 ELEYI TI Certificates

Year 4 Green 

A big well done to ALL children of Green class, who have attended remote learning. I know it is difficult but you are all managing so well. Please keep up the excellent efforts, a well done to your families aswell for supporting you. 


The following children have really stood out during remote learning this week for participating, even when they were unsure, and for asking for support where necessary. Some of these children have also posted excellent work on to Seesaw.  A big well done goes to: Miki, Daniel, Jannah, Maryam, Sarah, Senada, Evelina, Prisha and Izabella.


Miss Bhudia's golden nomination for this week goes to......MIKI!


Well done Miki, you are always willing to participate in classroom and remote learning. You are an excellent role model to your peers as you go above and beyond in your learning and you always display good behaviours. You are very caring and willing to help others. You are always listening and asking questions to clarify your learning. Keep up the excellent behaviours, your family should be so proud of you, I certainly am. Well done laugh

Year 1 - E Kalter 


I am so super proud of all the children in EKalter class this week, and so many have caught my eye for 'Superstar of the Week'. I have been looking at the quality of work, completion of lessons but, most importantly, attitude to learning. We know it's not easy to learn online and we are so amazed by all of your resilience and determination to make it work! With all that in mind, my superstar of the week is: DIONIS! 



Dionis and I have had lots of chats about wearing his 'happy hat' to class. Dionis used to find it really hard to stay positive and have a go at his work. Now, Dionis comes to our online meetings and makes a choice to think positive. He has even encouraged everyone else to do the same. 


Not only does he continuously wear his happy hat, he has been active on bug club and responds to feedback on SeeSaw by improving his work. I am so proud of him. Well done Dionis!