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Good afternoon Year 2! 🤩 It's Miss Boyce again!

How have you found your online learning today? After my morning message, Ranti from Laal class was inspired to follow a recipe like his friend Ruhaibah and created some homemade lemonade too! Have a look at him below working so brilliantly with his older brother 😁: 

I have been enjoying planning your Art and DT lessons this week. Muck, Mess and Mixtures is going to be such a fun, hands on topic! 👏 I found a recipe this afternoon on how to make a rainbow. I thought I would share it with you and if you have some spare time over the weekend, you might like to create one! 🌈

How to grow a rainbow! 🌈

Have a wonderful weekend superstars! 🌟🌟


Lots of love and hugs 💝


Miss Boyce 🤓

Good morning Year 2 - it's Miss Boyce here! laugh​​​​​​

How are you all? I am missing you all so much! 🤗 


I have been busy recently practising my baking skills. 😁 Sometimes I find it a little difficult at home to practise my maths and reading so I have been following recipes to help me put my skills to the test! I have been reading the recipes carefully to make sure my baking is a success. I have been using my measuring jug and scales to help me weigh and measure my ingredients accurately. Do you notice how important the skills we learn at school are? 🤔

Yesterday Ruhaibah from Laal class shared a picture on Seesaw of her following a recipe. Here she is making some homemade lemonade - delicious! 😋😋😋

Maybe you could try a recipe out at home?😊 It's a fun way to put all of your amazing skills to use! 👏


Have a great day with your online learning - remember your teachers are available on Seesaw if you need any help. 👍


Speak to you later! ❤️


Miss Boyce 😊