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Good afternoon Year 2!!smiley


 I hope you are all safe and healthy with your families and enjoying the bright sunshine from wherever you are. I keep looking outside my window every now and then while working. By doing that I am giving my mind and my eyes some break and also enjoying the sunshine from inside when I can’t go outside.

 Anyway, how did you find today’s leaning? I enjoyed reading sentences with some words using ‘ee’ sound in them. I read some really good, well structured and meaningful sentences. I must say that some children are working on the feedback that their teachers are giving them.  Well done to all those children.

What have you got planned for this evening? I am going to help my sons record some of the challenges that they have to complete. Their school is having a ‘Virtual Sports Day’ and I am going to help them record their activities so they can upload on to their school website. By the way, I have been reading lots of good poems recently and I felt inspired. So, taking a leaf from Mrs. Mia and all Year 2 poets I have tried to write a poem this morning.  wink


Twinkle Twinkle walk to school,

It’s so good and fun too.

You see trees and you see birds,

See you friends with their mums.

Walk to school is so cool,

It’s healthy, nice and free too.

It warms you up on winter days,

Nice and breezy on summer days.

Believe me friends it’s so good,

So, twinkle twinkle walk to school.


Look after yourself and keep washing your hands. Make sure you complete your work every day. I miss you all very much.

Take care

lots of love

Mrs. Vora heart



Good Morning Year 2!!! smiley


Welcome back to yet another and a brand-new week. How are you all feeling this morning? How was your weekend? My weekend was a bit dull, but I cherished it a lot. I have been under the weather and so I took it easy. Mention of the word ‘Weather’ reminds me that this week please don’t get confused and think that this is July end or August, as it looks and feels like that outside. Make sure you check your calendars to confirm that we are still in May and this is a school week. I understand that with the weather being so fantastic for the next few days and we are allowed to go outside the house more than once a day, it is tempting but remember, next week is half-term week. So, let’s focus for this week and complete all the online learning that has been set up us.  


I don’t think I need to remind you to be active to achieve your daily target for physical activity, however, as it is warm outside make sure you drink plenty of water to keep yourselves hydrated.  


In reading, you are going to read Julia Donaldson’s poem. I am sure you will enjoy looking at Axel Scheffler’s illustration. You will then, be answering literal and inference questions based on that poem. Remember to read it twice to understand the meaning properly, as you might be able to find the answers for literal questions from the text/poem, but to answer the inference questions, you need to understand the poem.


In writing, following the success of an acrostic poem, you are going to write a different type of poem. Enjoy reading the Gruffalo stayed in the cave before you write your own poem. Looking forward to reading your own poems………


In Maths, this week you are going to do lots of reasoning questions. We have tried to cover most of the topics you have been reconsolidating in recent weeks. Remember for any of the subjects, if you find the work tricky, don’t forget to click on the ‘Tricky’ icon to find separate work set up for you.

In SPaG, you are going to focus on ‘ee’ sound today. Once you have written the words with sound ‘ee’ in them, you must try to write some sentences using those words. Why don’t to try to use different sentence openers and various conjunctions to make your sentences more interesting. You could even use your writing target.


Oh! Science again has an exciting project called ‘Community Clean Up’! Put the hat on of a person in charge and start thinking of ideas. Your teachers are looking forward to reading your ideas and seeing your work so don’t forget to share it on the Seesaw.


I guess that’s enough from me for now. I would love to stay here and talk to you a lot as I miss you all very much, but looking at your exciting learning activities today, I don’t want to keep you for any longer. It’s my time to do my daily exercise and Yoga and I will let you get on with your work and routing. I will talk to you again in the afternoon. Until then, good luck and enjoy your today’s learning.


Mrs. Vora heart