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Hello Everybody,


Its Miss Connelly again! Happy Friday! I hope you have all had a lovely day with your learning task. I can’t believe we are nearly at the end, but it will deffo be a year that I will remember!

Please remember to continue working your hardest and sending in all your fantastic work. I’d like to take the opportunity to also thank your parents for their continued support with your learning, you have all really helped us and we appreciate you all!


You should all still be logging into Bug club, TTRockstars and MyMaths. Make sure you all continue to help your parents with any additional task in and around the house!


Keep eating healthily and remember to drink plenty of water to keep those brains functioning!

Have a brilliant and well rested weekend.


Love Miss Connelly x

Good Morning Year 2!

Its Miss Connelly here siting with the biggest smile while I crunch on my apple this morning!


I have missed talking to you all and seeing all your lovely faces. I have been teaching in year 1 for the past two months, so I have been really busy! I bet all of you have been super busy too completing all of your fantastic work and sending it to us on Seesaw!

I must say "WHAT A WEEK IT HAS BEEN". This is your last official FULL week of being in year 2 and although that makes me feel rather sad, I' am also excited for you all because you will get to show your new teachers how brilliant you truly are!


I am so impressed with the high standard of Reading, Maths and Writing, that you continue to send in to us, so please do keep it up for the final push! You have all done tremendously well these past 4 months and I couldn't be any prouder even if I tried!


I don't know if I will get a chance to write another message on here to you because I know how keen all the teachers are when writing the morning and afternoon messages but from the bottom of my heart it has been an absolute delight  and pleasure meeting you, teaching you and spending time with you. I truly wish you all a very bright, sunny and happy summer holidays and the best of luck in year 3 with your new teacher! I and some of the other year 2 teachers will still be on the Shaftesbury site and you could always give us a passing wave!


Enjoy your day and please do send us more amazing work in your final days! All the best and goodluck!


Lots of love,


Miss Connelly, (I'll miss you all, but especially my class 2 Vermelho!)  (Remember keep smiling! Everything is going to be just fine!)