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Good Afternoon Year 2!


I hope you are all well and have had a great day? All the home learning task have looked great!

Today while I was in school we had a bubble machine and the children were playing with the bubbles. If you get a chance to go shopping, maybe ask your parents to buy you a pack they really are great fun! 


I hope you have all been behaving while at home and showing golden behaviour. Have you been helping your parents tidy up or cook- if you have that's great! Keep it up! 

Remember it is important to have a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as drinking lots of water. Its beginning to get warm again so its important to drink lots of water.


Make sure you still log on to Bug Club, TTRockstars and MyMaths. Send us your work on Seesaw, we love seeing all your work. Practice writing so your handwriting is always fluent throughout your writing.


Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day and take care everyone!

Speak to you soon.


Love Miss Connelly

Morning Year 2!


How are you all? I feel like I haven't spoken to you all in agesss! At the moment I have been teaching in year 1 and I must say it makes me think about all of you but especially my class 2 Vermelho! (Its great being in year 1, but year 2 is definitely the best! Sshhhh our secret!!!)


What have you all been up to? Its so lovely to still be able to see all your lovely work on the celebration page and on Seesaw, its fantastic- Lots of gold awards going out as well, so keep working hard it could be YOU! I have recently brought a new book that I am about to read, its called 'The Secret'. Hopefully it won't take too long to arrive!


For PE this morning you should be getting warmed up with Joe Wicks! I have still been walking my dog as often as I can. But when I don't I share the role with my mum and sister, that way its fair! Make sure you have had a healthy breakfast and have some water near you, exercise is thirsty work!


Reading- WOW! Roald Dahl is one of my favourite writers! I too read 'Georges Marvellous Medicine' at school! Its a fantastic book and always used to make me giggle! George's Grandma is an interesting character, don't you think?

Writing- You will be looking at verbs and identifying all the verbs in the text, as well as forming your own sentences with them. Remember to make sure your sentences make sense and you are using your best handwriting. 

Handwriting- Practising the 'un' joining and creating your own sentences, remember to follow the lines correctly. My sentences are just short examples but I want you to expand on yours!


Maths- You will be making the signs ( <, >, =) to make comparisons on the length of an object. Make sure you read the question carefully.

RE- You will be reading about the story of Adam and Eve. How was the world created? Who is Adam and Eve? You will also produce your own collage of the 'Garden of Eden'. Be as creative as you want, with lots of colour and materials!


Have a great day everyone! I will chat to you in the afternoon!


Lots of Love,

Miss Connelly