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Good afternoon children,


I hope you have had a productive afternoon.


How did you get on with the riddles? I look forward to seeing your answers.

Are you confident with solving problems with money? Be sure to check your answers on the answers sheet.


Did you edit your poem and perform it? We are all looking forward to seeing the videos on Seesaw.

Well done for working hard yet again and we look forward to seeing your fantastic work uploaded on Seesaw. I have already seen so many children’s work so keep up the good work.


Since we have been thinking about poetry this week, I’ve come up with a poem about you. Here it goes…


Year two are very special

The children love to learn

They work together nicely

Waiting for their turn


Yes, sometimes, they get lively

And sometimes they get loud

But that’s all part of learning

Which makes us feel so proud


They come online every morning

With a smile upon their face

All ready with some of their learning 

In our hearts they have a special place


And so, we’re counting down the days

Until, once again we can say

Glad to have you back, this was just a phase.



Mrs Miah

Good Morning year two!


I hope you are all well and healthy. Kick start your day with Joe Wicks and get your energy going to start your tasks for the day ahead.


You have a fun reading task today! You will read riddles and answer some too! Perhaps even make up your own. Have a look in the folder and discover some riddles.


For Maths, you will have a mini assessment on money to consolidate your learning. Go through the starters first before you do the main task. If you find it tricky, click on the tricky icon and have a go at those activities. Remember to check your answers at the end.


In English you are going to be editing your fantastic acrostic poems and perform it. Remember to use the PowerPoint to help you edit your poem and give you tips of the performance. Your SPaG work is a task on the ‘ea’ sound.


We have a fantastic music lesson lined up for you on Yumu! Check out the music folder for more information.


We are looking forward to seeing your work on Seesaw. Remember focus on your handwriting and your presentation.


Have a great day!


Mrs Miah