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Download the Seesaw Class app. Use the 12-digit personal text code, sent via email.

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Buongiorno Anno 2! (This also means Good Afternoon Year 2, in Italian)


How has your day been? How did you all get on with your reading task? I must admit I' am so impressed with all the children who have been sending their work into us teachers on SEESAW! Its been really lovely communicating with you all and seeing how fantastic your learning has come along!


I have received a few photos from some of you who had baked, as part of your DT lesson and I must admit, they all look delicious so well done! How did you all get on with creating your own email to grandma during your ICT lesson? Its great typing an email, because it helps you gain a new skill.


This has been a very busy week and I know you are all trying really hard during this difficult time. I know it may be a little frustrating but all us teachers are super proud of you and your progress. Maybe you could try and do something creative over the weekend, maybe draw a picture, or take on a new hobby! Maybe there's a new skill that you want to learn or maybe its something that you need to practice more- such as handwriting, column methods...


Remember to keep eating healthily and drinking lots of water! 


Anyway I do hope you have all had a lovely week and I wish you all a safe and fun weekend.


Love, Miss Connelly

Buongiorno Anno 2! (This means 'Good Morning Year 2, in Italian)


How are all you all? Its Friday! YEEPEE! I hope you have all been getting on ok! Who has managed to check out the SEESAW App? I love it because it means us teachers are able to communicate with you better, receive your work and give you some feedback. Make sure you logon and send us your learning, it really is great!


Oh my goodness! For your DT lesson yesterday you were asked to make a tasty treat! Well who made something delicious? Please send in pictures of what you were able to make, we would love to see it. Check out the photo below of the banana cake I made, it was yummy! 

My mum and I, also went outside at 8.00pm to clap and make lots of noise for the NHS last night, (I will upload a video for you to see!)


Before it went in the oven and after it came out the oven.



For your Writing and Reading task today you will be looking at 'Little Red Cap'. Now year 2, please remember your reading methods. Read the questions carefully, underline the word 'Why, Find and Copy, Do you think'. If you are not sure what the answer is to the question, what do you think you need to do...? Read again! Go back, read over and you'll find the answer. 

For Writing you have completed your character descriptions, please ask one of your parents/carers to record you so we can hear you perform your fantastic reading voices! When you do this make sure you use your expression when you are performing as this will make your listeners more engaged!

For SPag, you will be looking at 'ae' words, there are a lot of words that we probably do not realise have 'ea' in them, so look out, you'll have to think about this and use your sounds to work out the letters, this will help you spell them out.


In Maths you have been looking at Position and Direction. Its easy to get confused and mixed up and us adults even forget 'clockwise and anticlockwise'. But you are all super and you are on a quest to be the best. So, remember to follow the position carefully and follow it to the end, maths can be fun but have you realised it tries to play cheeky tricks on us sometimes!


For ICT, you will be completing a email activity on 'Purple Mash'. This will help with your typing skills, make sure you think about what you are going to type and re-read to make sure it makes sense. I hope you enjoy it, it seems like a fun activity for you on a Friday afternoon.


Enjoy your Friday, have a great day! I'll speak to you in the afternoon,


Love Miss Connelly


Celebrate the NHS every Thursday at 8.00pm!!

Still image for this video
Miss Connelly and her mum making noise for the NHS on Thursday evening at 8.00pm