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Good afternoon year 2 , 


I hope you have had an enjoyable day of learning today. Below I have attached the answers to the reading comprehension task and the maths activity. I have also provided an example of the SpaG activity. I must say that challenge on the maths learning really did make me think and as for the instructions on how to brush your teeth , well I didn’t realise how many steps there were to a simple task we do everyday. I tested out my instructions on my mum to see if they were clear enough, she pretended to be an alien that knew nothing and the results were very amusing! 


Today I spent a lot of time thinking about our environment and nature which is reflected in the text I have chosen for you this afternoon. It made me think about what I could do to make the environment a better place I’m starting by making sure I look after the birds that visit my garden. Check out my bird bath and the food that I have left them. I had lots of birds visit my garden today, there were blackbirds, robins, magpies and even a few pigeons. What can you do to help the environment? 


I’m looking forward to checking my emails to see all of the marvellous learning that I receive from today. I would like to end the day by saying that I am so very proud of each and every one of you and your parents for the time and effort that has gone into making sure that we reach for the stars 🌟 . 


Have a wonderful evening and make sure you go to bed at a sensible time .. I expect to hear that you’re all up bright and early tomorrow ready for a new challenge. 


Miss Shermin 🌟




Answers for Reading , Maths and SPaG

Helping Nature !

I made sure that the birds had fresh water and some seeds to eat when they came to visit my garden. 

Good morning Year 2 , 

I hope you are all keeping well and are getting the hang of this new style of learning. I must say I’m really enjoying the learning that is being emailed to me, I have so many to choose to from. Lots of people have been sending Maths and Science learning which is great but I’d really love to see some more writing. I’d love to show off your amazing writing skills in here because I know we are fantastic!!

Although things are a little bit different at the moment we must remember to see the positives in everything. I have missed all of your beautiful faces but I have taken the advice of some of the teachers and taken up some new hobbies baking, cooking and running 🏃🏽‍♀‍🍰. What new skills have you been practicing? Have you taken up any new hobbies? 

Today you have some tasks that should be easy to complete if you have followed the steps from the past 2 days. Remember our learning flows , we do everything for a reason and what you do each day will support your learning for the following day. 

Writing : it’s time to write your instructions! Don’t forget to include some useful tips. You know I said I took up baking , well I followed the instructions on my recipe however I accidentally used salt instead of sugar in my cake . It didn’t taste very nice at all! 

Maths: remember to follow the steps that have been provided to complete the word problems. We will go through some of the answers a this afternoon. 

Reading: comprehension activity , we are trying to keep our lessons exactly the same as they would be at school please do let us know how you are finding this. 

Geography: This is an interesting activity , I tried it myself and was amazed at how far some of our food has travelled to get into our fridges. 

SpaG: homophones are tricky, there are so many words that sound the same but have different meanings and are spelt differently. I always get confused with weather and whether. 

We hope you enjoy your learning activities today and please do remember to send in some photos of your writing. Don’t forget to check out story time too. 

Ps: I tried to bake my cake again after my disaster , this time I used sugar ! 🍰 It tasted much better! 

Keep being fantastic, I miss you all! 

Miss Shermin