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Guten Tag Jahr 2! (This means 'Good Afternoon Year 2!' In German!)

You have a go and say it :)


Hello everyone, how are you all? I hope you have all had a good day and finished all your tasks for the day. I had apple and blueberry porridge for my breakfast today and tomato and cheese pasta bake for my lunch, I wonder what I could have for my dinner, what are you having?


Anyway I hope you have all been displaying gold behaviour while at home and helping your parents when you can!

Thank you for sending in your work on Seesaw, us teachers love seeing all your little videos and pictures of your work, its fantastic and it also puts smiles on our faces, because we really do miss you all!


Please ensure you are logging into your bug club! We want to make sure you are reading consistently from home, that way when you come back to school your reading is beautifully coherent and fluent!

Well done to all of you who are trying really hard at home, you are all doing great and it has not gone unnoticed. Keep up the good work, one of you may be in for a gold award. Have a restful evening and I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow.


Keep smiling, we are all thinking of you!


Love, Miss Connelly 

Guten Morgen Jahr 2! (This means 'Good Morning Year 2!', In German!)

You have a go and say it :) 


How are you all? I have been speaking to all the other year 2 teachers and we have been discussing how hard you have all been working at home. We are also very happy that your parents are working hard and encouraging you all, to stay strong and keep learning- so thank you parents! Well done to all the children who have been sending in all your work on Seesaw, its fantastic you are all doing an amazing job, keep it up please.

Please remember when you are presenting your work, your handwriting must be clear and neat please year 2!


So let the day begin! Did somebody say Joe Wicks? Come on! Gets those legs and arms moving! I hope you are all keeping nice and fit and getting some fresh air. Some children have sent pictures of themselves working out in their gardens and some are working out in their living rooms with skipping ropes and balls.


Reading and Writing: For your reading task today you will be reading a poem called 'The Tyger', hmm I wonder what that's all about ? Funny, because it should be spelt 'Tiger', I wonder why the poem has changed it to 'Tyger', I guess you'll have to read it to find out! Next you have some reading comprehension questions to answer, remember the methods that we use, read first, read the question and underline what it is asking you to do. Please make sure you explain your answer, especially if the question asks 'why, explain, do you think'...

Wow-wee, for your writing task today, you will be creating your very own acrostic poem! Your poem will have to be about all the wonderful key workers who are working very hard to keep us safe at this difficult time. I wonder what you could include in your poem? I definitely think you need to include, suffixes (words ending in ment, ful, less, ness and ly'), be sure to use the emotion word mats, these include feeling words as well as a range of adjectives to give it that extra spark. We look forward to seeing these, or maybe you could record yourself reading it out and send it to your teacher on Seesaw!


SPag: For your SPag you will be looking a the 'wh' sound. There are so many words we use with the 'wh' sound such as, when, where, who? Very important sounds, lets see how many you can find, and really try to expand on your sentences. You may even put a question in one of your sentences, or try using brackets! 


Maths: For your maths task today you will be looking at 'checking your change'. Its very important to know how much change we are due back when we purchase something. Your job today will be to look at the price of the items, check how much you pay, check how much change you have been given, then work out whether or not it is the correct amount and if it is not you will need to write the correct amount- take your time, and always double check your answers. Remember to do your working outs, do not try and guess, use the your column methods to help you subtract and add.


Geography: For your geography task today you will be creating your very own map. You will need to think of somewhere you have gone, create a map and include all the map features. One of these features include a map key, this has little pictures which explain what they are and where they are located. Make sure you think carefully about what you are drawing, pay attention to detail and check out the examples.


Good luck!


I hope you enjoy all your learning today, don't forget to have breakfast and lunch, brain breaks, healthy snacks and to continue drinking lots of water throughout your day!


Lots of love, Miss Connelly