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Sporting Houses Challenge

Virtual Art Week 2020

Theme:  The Natural wood- Connecting with nature



Look around you what can you see? 

Think about  colours, textures, patterns and size. 

If you have more time, you can even write a poem, create a song, draw, paint, edit photographs, etc.


What you will need:

*Items you can gather for your artwork – berries, leaves, grass, stones, pebbles, bark, cones, branches, greenery, petals, plant/flower buds etc.

*A camera, iPad, phone (to take photos)

*Somewhere to explore: a park, the woods, a beach, garden, school playground, etc.

*Remember to treat the environment with respect and be mindful of how much or where you pick things from. If you are not sure, always ask an adult.

Then put all items in a pile and start creating your pictures. While there is no restriction on the size of your artwork, you must be able to take a photo of it.

Land ART

Land Art Project

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Land ART