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13 . What will happen when my child moves to secondary school?

At the end of year 6 all pupils will transfer to secondary school. This can a scary time for children and parents, but be assured that Gascoigne School works closely with secondary schools to support you and your child in this process. Secondary schools follow the same SEN Code of Practice as primary schools, so will be well equipped to meet with a wide range of special needs.


Unless your child has an EHC Plan they will follow the same admissions process as every other child.


What can you do?

Start thinking early about secondary schools and if possible visit the schools when your child is in year 5. Ask to meet the Senco and be open about your child’s needs and aspirations.

Involve your child in the decision about which schools to apply for.


What will we do?

With your agreement we will share all the information we have about your child. This means that the secondary school can immediately use the appropriate strategies to enable your child to access school life and make progress.


We invite the Senco from your child’s future secondary school to attend their SEND review in the summer term.


We have a transition programme for all year 6 pupils, this covers many of the worries that children have about secondary school.


All pupils will visit their secondary school in the summer term of year 6.


We also provide additional support according to individual need. This might include working with a learning mentor from Gascoigne School, or from the secondary school; or extra visits to the school.


What happens if my child has an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP)?


If your child has an EHCP we will start to discuss secondary transfer at their year 5 annual review so that there is plenty of time to make decisions.

You will be sent an admission form from the local authority, which needs to be handed in earlier than non-EHCP applications. This is because pupils with an EHCP have higher priority than those without. In addition to considering mainstream schools you may wish to consider specialist provisions such as Trinity Special School, or one of the Additional Resourced Provisions (ARPS).You should discuss this with other professionals supporting your child, such as the Senco and Educational Psychologist.


The local authority will consult with the school you have chosen to ensure that they can meet your child’s needs. The local authority will make the final decision about your child’s placement and you will be informed. We will then put the transition arrangements in place.


How can I prepare my child for secondary school?

Your child may be nervous, excited, scared or enthusiastic, allow them to talk through their feelings, but don't let them see your anxiety - be positive!


Allow your child as much independence as possible by helping them be prepared:


  • Practise the journey together during the holidays.  You might want them to go on their own, with you following.  Have back up plans for if things go wrong e.g. What to do if the bus is full or you miss the bus?
  • help them organise their equipment the night before.  Make sure they have the correct uniform.  Make sure they leave the house on time.
  • Check your child's planner regularly, it should tell you what homework they have and any other information you may need.