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Good afternoon Year 2,


It’s me again, I hope you have had a delightful week despite the miserable weather. We have seen lots of amazing work on the celebration page so please make sure you check out and celebrate what your peers have achieved.


As I mentioned this morning, don’t forget to complete your Bugclub books and comprehensions that your teachers have set for you.


From next week we will be starting our new topic MUCK , MESS and MIXTURES. I can’t wait to see the learning that you produce for this topic, your teachers and I have had lots of fun planning your lessons for this topic. Why not get a head start this weekend and have a go at creating your own mixtures. You might want to try out a bit of baking again like we did last half term. Get ready for the next few weeks though because things are going to get a bit messy all in the name of learning! cheeky


Seen as though I started the day with some news I thought I would end the day in the same way.


I hope you have a lovely weekend!laugh


Lots of love,


Miss Sherminheart

Good Morning Year 2 ,


It’s me again Miss Shermin. I hope you have all enjoyed the tasks that you have been set this week. I thought I would start the day with some news that I watched last night as it inspired me to be creative


Now you have all been inspired it’s time to kick start our learning and we are starting the day with one of my favourite books by Katie Morag which will end our coastlines topic nicely. You will then need to do a final copy of your leaflets about Southend, making sure you have included lots of detail and some fun facts. In Maths you will need to continue with your reasoning skills but from what I can see on the SeeSaw app some of you are finding it super easy so why not skip straight to the challenge. Lots of you are doing a great job with the Handwriting lessons but it’s really important that you use this lovely neat writing all the time because your teachers can see that you are more than capable.


Your teachers and I had a virtual meeting today and we were discussing all of your achievements, we now have a competition between us to see who can have the most children from their class upload onto Seesaw. At the moment Rouge class is winning but it’s a really close call. We also discussed a bit of a problem that we are going to need your help with. Unfortunately not many of you completing your books on BugClub so we couldn’t compete with that. From today I would really like to see every single one of you logging onto BugClub and completing the books that you have. The person that completes the most books ACCURATELY will receive a certificate.


I hope you have a lovely day and I will talk to you later on. Let the competitions begin !!cheeky


Lots of Love ,


Miss Sherminheart