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12. How can I find out what my child is doing in school?

An overview of the curriculum studied by each year group can be found on the school website, along with a more detailed synopsis of the work to be covered during each term (see curriculum section).


If your child’s year group has a notice board, check it regularly for information. Many teachers also display information on their classroom doors, for example, the week’s Big Write and Big Talk topics.

Look out for the school newsletter which goes out to parents every half term.


All pupils are given homework regularly, the frequency and amount will vary depending on the year group. If your child has difficulty remembering or telling you what their homework is, ask the class teacher to provide your child with a homework diary or task planner so that you can help your child to learn to manage their own time. 


If your child has difficulty telling you what they have been doing during the day, don’t worry, this happens to lots of children. Talk to the class teacher about setting up some regular communication such as a home school book, regular ‘catch ups’ at the end of the day with the ESW, children bringing home samples of their work to jog their memory and to talk about with you.


Make sure your child brings a book bag to school every day and please make sure you check this regularly, as teachers may put notes in there for you, also this is often where children put letters which are given out at the end of the day.