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Good afternoon Year 2 - it's Miss Boyce again! laugh​​​​​​


How did you get on with your learning today? Did you enjoy it? On Seesaw, Laal class have been sending over some features that they picked out of the Poetry lesson today. Ranti was able to identity lots of repeated words. yes Did you find those too?


In Science, Adas has also designed his chair already:

Do you agree that wood is a reliable material to make a chair out of? I agree with him because it is a very strong, durable material and I know it wouldn't break easily. 

Thank you for working so hard and keeping up your wonderful, dedicated attitudes during your home schooling. All of your teachers are incredibly proud of you and your hard work isn't going unnoticed. wink​​​​​​


Take care of yourselves and I will speak to you all soon!


Lots of love ❤️


Miss Boyce cheeky

Good Morning Year 2! It's Miss Boyce here laugh


How are you all? Did you enjoy your long weekend? It was a very special weekend as we were celebrating VE Day! yes Did you complete any of the special VE activities? Don't forget to upload them to Seesaw so that your teachers can celebrate with you too! laugh


Today's online learning looks like this... 


Writing - Today you are beginning your new topic, Poetry! Do you remember how much fun we had writing poems with Antosh during Poetry Week? wink You are going to be exploring lots of different poetry styles today. Follow the PowerPoint to help you with your learning today. yes​​​​​​


Maths - You are looking at Money today. We have worked hard on this topic at school. If you have some coins out home, why don't you make up your own shop and practice adding and subtracting different amounts of money to extend your learning today? wink​​​​​​


Reading - just like in Writing, you are exploring Poetry in your Reading too! Today you are reading and performing different nursery rhymes. You are looking at different features such as rhyming words, alliteration and repitition. yes​​​​​​ Why don't you ask an adult to video your performance and upload it to Seesaw? wink​​​​​​


Science - In Science you are going to be designing your own chair - how exciting! laugh We worked really hard on exploring different materials and their properties. Would it be a good idea to make your chair out of glass? Why? To extend on your learning today,  you could also practise your IT skills and research some different styles and materials used to create popular chairs. wink​​​​​​


SPAG - today you are looking at the special friends 'Sh'. Don't forget to use your segment and blending if you are finding it tricky! Remember to write sentences using each of the words you have created. To extend, can you think of any other words that have the 'sh' sound? You could add them in with your coloured pen or pencil. yes


But before you begin ANYTHING, don't forget to join Joe at 9 to boost your energy and mood and prepare you for a brilliant day! laugh


I will be back later to see how your day has been. Don't forget to upload your learning to Seesaw so your teachers can celebrate with you! laugh


Lots of love heart


Miss Boyce smiley