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11. How do we develop pupil’s social, emotional and mental health?

The social and emotional well-being of all pupils underpins everything we do at Gascoigne School.

We aim to equip our pupils with the skills to lead successful and fulfilling lives by giving them self-confidence and the resilience to overcome difficulties. This is done through strategies such as our PSHE and Mindup curriculum, after school clubs and a positive behaviour policy.


Many people at some time in their life experience difficulties with social, emotional and mental health. These may be caused by a specific event such as illness or changes within the family, or may be a result of a longer term condition. Children in school may express their feelings in a number of ways for example:


  • Becoming withdrawn
  • Getting angry.
  • Changes in behaviour
  • Friendship difficulties.


Many problems can be overcome with the support of the class teachers and other staff throughout the school.


All staff including teachers, support staff and mid-day assistants are vigilant in recognising children’s’ needs and responding to them . Most issues can be resolved when the child speaks to a trusted adult, and it is vital that parents talk to school if there is a problem. Parents should also  encourage their child to speak to someone in school as soon as a problem arises. There are worry boxes throughout the school where children can post a note to a teacher if they need help.


If more support is needed children can access this through the social inclusion team. The social inclusion team meet regularly to plan the best way to help individual children. The team may offer:


  • Further advice to you and the adults working with your child.
  • A personalised behaviour plan.
  • Support from a learning mentor.
  • Participation in a specific group eg. Social skills group, Thrive.
  • Access to the nurture room.
  • Support for the family from a Family Liaison Practitioner.


If your child needs more specialised help we might, with parental agreement, refer to other agencies such our school counsellor, the Educational Psychologist or Child and Mental Health Services (CAMHS).