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Good morning Year 2,

 It’s Friday!! Hope you have things planned for this weekend. I am going to see some of my friends this weekend, but in the park, it’s important we still follow the rules to keep us safe.


I can see how hard you all are working. Most of you are putting your work on Seesaw and it is great to see that you are continuing with your learning.  Sometimes, I see or hear parents in your videos and I would like to thank them for supporting you with your learning. 


Tell me what part of learning have you been enjoying? I can see children are enjoying paper marbling. Have you learnt anything extra? Sofia in Rouge class is learning Russian.


Well, have a look at your learning today. Enjoy writing the ending of your story. In Maths, remember your Cube method. Enjoy reading the story.


Here is a little game for you to practise your grammar. Click on the link below.


Have a good day!

Mrs Datta