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10. How can we improve the confidence and self-esteem of children with SEND?

Self-confidence and high self-esteem is crucial to all children's success.  If your child struggles in one or more areas of school life they may lack this confidence.  At both home and school we can do similar things to help boost your child's confidence:


  • Focus on the positives.  Praise any progress, however small.  Pay attention to how much effort your child has made.
  • Develop other interests and focus on things they are good at.  In school we encourage all children to join after school clubs.  Your child might struggles with reading, but be a great dancer.
  • Don't compare children, especially siblings.
  • Make your child fell important by giving them speical jobs.
  • Keep learning fun and work little and often.  If homework is too difficult, leave it and either try again later, or send a note to the teacher to say they have tried, but need more help.
  • If low self-esteem continues to be a concern we may offer your child the opportunity to take part in a self-esteem group.