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Good afternoon Year 2!!heartheart

How did you find today’s learning? Did you find anything in particular tricky? What did you enjoy the most? Shall I tell you what I enjoyed the most? It’s the science investigation!! I enjoyed that a lot. angel I did not do the prediction bit because that would have been cheating. As I cook every day, I could have easily guessed melting and changing of the texture. So, we went directly to the part where we investigated. I made few recipes with my sons. Here are some pictures. smiley







We even tried baking a cake. I haven’t included the picture and so it is needless to say that it was a disasterrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! crying Anyway, I enjoyed observing what happens when a range of everyday materials, including food are heated and cooled. Did you?


Some children in Casaan class had fun solving the pictograms. Don’t forget to upload your work on the Seesaw, you teachers look forward to seeing your completed work. You must also log on to Bug Club and read every single day. Remember you must complete the books and quizzes not just open them. Last week, Luca from Casaan class was the winner, let’s see who beats him this week? Your teachers are checking everyday to see who is reading.


I hope you have a good rest of the day. Enjoy your evening. I am going to enjoy the recipes I have been making. wink

Lots of love

Mrs. Vora heartheartxxxx


Good Morning Year 2!! yes


Welcome back to a brand-new week. I hope you had a good weekend and that you are ready to start another brilliant week of learning.


Don’t forget you must be active for at least half an hour every day and the best time to do this is first thing in the morning. So, kick start your day with your daily exercise. Remember to drink plenty of water after that. smiley


In reading, it’s getting more and more interesting and I can’t wait to find out what happens at the end. I have enjoyed this text a lot. Remember, this marvellous medicine is strictly, ‘DO NOT TRY IT AT HOME’. Today, you are going to read or listen to chapter 3 and 4 ‘Animal pills and Cook Up’ below, then summarise 6 key bullet points about the chapters.


In Maths, you are going to interpret pictograms. Remember, in pictograms the key is to look at the 'KEY'. Ha ha ha…... You know what I am talking about, right? Go through the PowerPoint before you attempt the worksheet.


Today, you also have very interesting Writing and Science lessons. As you have lots of exciting learning lined up for you, I will let you get on with your daily learning. I will speak to you again this afternoon. Remember to complete your work with your best handwriting and upload it all on the Seesaw. 


Happy learning.

Missing you all very very much.

Lots of love

Mrs. Vora xxxx heartheart